“Digital India: It will take a few steps more” By Sabyasachi Ghosh

“Digital India: It will take a few steps  more” By  Sabyasachi Ghosh

In India Digitalization has already been started. In banking , in education, in shopping, in travelling , and in many more sectors. Though proper utilization of digitalization is not possible in allround the nation because all people are not accuinted with the system properly but the wave of digitalization has touched the feet of common and uncommon people of the country. Mobile and internet have taken a greater role to popularize it among the masses. Digital version of man and money are two keynotes of this system.

You can contact anybody directly and immediately but in semi abstract state of existence where seeing and talking is possible but touching is not. Relations of love, hatred, anger passion and aggression all are exposed in digital platform. Payments are made digitally but basic faith and belief is not the same.

The day is not far when the whole system will become digital. Though a great number of people will take some more time to get accuinted with the newly introduced system but when and how this will be a habit within a twinkle of an eye nobody can say. Rapid growth of digitalization in India is the outcome of our smart heridity and most importantly it can be said it has made people semi-educated and tech-lover.