Maharashtra Police Clearance Services | PCS Online Registration – Police Clearence Verification Certificate Download, Status Check at PCC Login, Application Form all Details

Maharashtra PCS mahaonline: Maharashtra police clearance service is the specific service provided to citizens who seek police clearance verification certificate for various purposes. Candidates have to cross multiple stages for getting their police clearance verification certificate before. For that they had to wait for a long time to get a single certificate from the police authority. To rescue people from that kind of haphazard procedure Maharashtra government has created an official web portal for issuing police clearance verification certificate. The specific web portal is maintained and monitored by police authorities which is available for all. Candidates can go through all stages of applying and getting the final PCS certificate just by flowing the official portal step by step. Interested candidates can complete their online registration through pcs, and get their PCS certificate quickly. The police authority governs the official website for clearing all stages of PCS certificate and save time for the applied candidates.

About Maharashtra PCS

With portal candidates can easily apply and make their final police clearance certificate after visiting the site. First of all candidates must have to complete online registration by inputting the required details in the registration form. After completing registration successfully candidates will get an application form in the present webpage of They have to confirm of applying by uploading all personal details in the given columns of the application form. After getting the application form the government officials will check the detail information for verification. Then they will move forward to the next step of preparing certificate and issue it within short time. All candidates must follow the instructions first to confirm their online application successful.

The Maharashtra government has taken the vital step to speed up all the stages of making police clearance service certificate through the digital platform. People has become updated over time to apply PCS certificate through the official web portal. The government officials has made all the required stages available for candidates which they can check according to their convenience. It has become an updated facility for the welfare of citizens with the aim of saving time for citizens. Candidates can easily access the official website whenever they need to check the status of issuing their PCS certificate.

The official web portal is made for issuing PCS certificates only for the citizens of Maharashtra. People cannot get any other state certificate for their needs from this official website. Candidates must include the required credentials in the application form before applying for PCS certificate through website. After checking all details uploaded in application form of candidates the officials will move to next step which is police verification. Applied candidates can check the process of issuing final certificate any time just by clocking and inputting the required information. After issuing the final certificate by the government candidates can see it through the official link. From there they can download the police clearance verification certificate within time. Police verification is the mandatory stage for issuing PCS certificate for which candidates should be prepared. Here police verification means the police officials will check the criminal records of the applied candidate. When they do not find any record of them then they give permissions for issuing the final PCS certificate for respective candidates.

How to online registration on Maharashtra PCS Mahaonline Portal

All candidates must keep their username and password created by them at the time of online registration. They need to input these credentials whenever they require to the next verification of their PCS certificate. Candidates who need to make police clearance verification certificate have to visit the official portal and apply online. Candidates who apply and already have their PCS certificates can check their certificates by logging in in the respective website. In this case, candidates have to use their previous username and password that they have during online registration in the web portal. Before logging in candidates should check the below mentioned steps for correct information.

  1. First of all candidates have to visit the official web portal of Maharashtra police for police clearance service that is
  2. It will open the webpage which asks to put username and password for the applied candidates. They have to fill the columns with correct credentials.
  3. Next, they have to click on the log in button.
  4. They will be redirected to the logged in page successfully.

How to check status of the online registration on Maharashtra PCS Mahaonline Portal

Candidates who have already completed their registration process of getting PCS certificate can check the status of the certificate at any time. Citizens can check the present status of the certificate or whether the certificate is ready or not. They will be informed within the status about the approximate time limit for issuing the final PCS certificate online. Before accessing the present status of PCS certificate candidates should follow the given information wisely.

  1. Candidates have to visit the definite police clearance certificate website
  2. They have to fill up the log in credentials with their username and password.
  3. After that they have to click on the log in button to open the window.
  4. They will find the status button on the top bar on which they have to click next.
  5. After that their present application status will be shown to them.
  6. If they find their certificate is ready and issued then they can download if from clicking the link mentioned certificate download.

How to Download the PSC Certificate on Maharashtra PSC Mahaonline Portal

Candidates who are thinking about making their police clearance verification certificate can get all details from apply to download the final issued certificate. The government officials of pcs certificate have kept all information available in official web portal for the candidates. Candidates who have applied for PCS certificate through the official website now can get their prepared certificate from the website itself. Before downloading the issued certificate candidates are advised to follow the given instruction for downloading PCS certificate from official website easily.

  1. Visit the official website of Maharashtra police clearance verification certificate
  2. Then click on the log in button mentioned on the homepage.
  3. Now fill up the columns mentioned username and password in the respective fields.
  4. After logging in click on the certificate option given on the next page.
  5. Now the certificate will be shown if the verification stage is done.
  6. Now you can download it by clicking on the download option.
  7. Now you finally have police clearance verification certificate of Maharashtra board.

Entire Process to Download the PSC Certificate on Maharashtra PSC Mahaonline Portal

Maharashtra citizens have got the advantage of getting their much needed police clearance verification certificate from their homes. The Maharashtra government has given the responsibility of monitoring all stages regarding PCS certificate to the Maharashtra police officials. Definite official web portal has been created to inform candidates about the updated information only for PCS certificate. It is the important official web portal where candidates can apply for certificate and download the final certificate in pdf format easily. For that candidates must follow all stages accordingly the instructions given on every webpage. Candidates who are new to register for applying of the PCS certificate will get all information from the registration form itself. Citizens of Maharashtra only will gain the benefits of issuing police clearance verification certificate from the web portal.

Candidates who have decided to register online from the web portal can go through the entire process in online mode. Before registering for new application of PCS certificate candidates are advised to go through all information about their mandatory certificate. It will be beneficial for them to apply and access all stages accordingly over time till the final issue of the certificate. It will definitely save their time and energy to wait for the longer process of issuing PCS certificate from the government officials. The government has made the process easier by availing every step online for the convenience of normal citizens. Before registering candidates are advised to look at the below mentioned instructions for being aware about the entire process.

  1. Visit the official web portal
  2. Click on the registration button given on the present homepage.
  3. Fill all the details required in the respective fields included in the registration form.
  4. Now upload the mandatory documents mentioned in website.
  5. Now you can click on the submit button after checking every details.
  6. Finally registration is done, candidates can check their application status after some days from the same official web portal.

If candidates face any problem during the process of online police clearance verification certificate they can call the government officials from their contact details.