MPSC Rajyaseva Preliminary 2012 Question Paper

MPSC Rajyaseva Preliminary Exam Question Paper 2012


  1. Who resigned from the post of Finance Ministry of India to supports the Sanyukta Maharashtra Movement ?

(a) Yeashwantrao Chavan

(b) Balasaheb Kher

(c) C.D Deshmukh

(d) K.M Pannikar

Ans:- (c) C.D Deshmukh

  1. Who was the defence Ministry of India when China attacked India in 1962 ?

(a) Jawaharnal Nehru

(b) P. Sitaramayya

(c) Krishna Menon

(d) Arun Mehta

Ans:- (c) Krishna Menon

  1. Who put forth the thought that “ vedas were not infalliable and that they were created by Arans” ?

(a) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

(b) Vittthal Ramji Shinde

(c) Mahatma Jotiba Phule

(d) Shahu Maharaj


  1. Who did not work for emancipation of women ?

(a) M.G. Ranade

(b) G.G Agarkar

(c) D.K. Karve

(d) None of the above alternatives is correct

Ans:- (d) None of the above alternatives is correct

  1. Which two countries were the first sign the Panchaheel ?

(a) India and France

(b) India and England

(c) India and Japan

(d) India and China


  1. Who called the “1857 Uprising A War of Independence’’ ?

(a) Prof. N.R. Phathak

(b) P.E. Roborts

(c) Dr. R.C. Mujumdar

(d) V.D. Sawarkar

Ans:- (d) V.D. Sawarkar

  1. Which act declared separate electorates for Muslims ?

(a) Charter Act 1813

(b) Morley –Minto  Reforms 1909

(c) Montague –Chemsford Refoms 1919

(d) Government of India Act. 1935

Ans:- (b) Morley –Minto  Reforms 1909

  1. Which Principles did India promote for interational Peace and Co-operation ?

(a) Equality of Religion

(b) Non – alliance

(c) Panchasheel

(d) Disarmament

Ans:- (c) Panchasheel

  1. Who believe that “a weapon like boycott must be reserve for extreme – occasions ‘’ ?

(a) Mahdev Govind Ranade

(b) Gopal Kroshna Gokhale

(c) Pherozshah Mehta

(d) Dadabhai Naoroji

Ans:- (b) Gopal Kroshna Gokhale

  1. Which of the following is wrongly matched ?

(a) Rayat Shikshan Sastha – Karmavir  Bhaurao Patil

(b) Jagruk – Walchand Patil

(c) Dinitra – Mukundra Patil

(d) Maratha League – Sayajirao Gaikwad

Ans:- (d) Maratha League – Sayajirao Gaikwad

  1. By which Act free and fair competition for recruitment to Indian Administration has been first accepted ?

(a) Regulating Act 1773

(b) Charter Act 1833

(c) Charter Act 1853

(d) Indian Council Act 1861

Ans:- (c) Charter Act 1853

  1. The provision of Fundamental Duties in India Constitution has been from that of which country ?

(a) France

(b) USA

(c) USSR

(d) UK

Ans:- (c) USSR

  1. How has the “Instrument of instructions” contained in the Government Act, 1935 been incorporated in the Constitution of India ?

(a) Fundamental Rights

(b) Directive principles of State Policy

(c) Fundamental Duties

(d) Union List

Ans:- (b) Directive principles of State Policy

  1. Which of the following statement are correct ?

(a) Gujarat has made voting in local bodies compulsory.

(b) Gujarat is the second state in the country to make voting compulsory on local elections .

(a) a Only       (b) b only     (c) a and b      (d) Neither a nor b

Ans:- (a) a Only

  1. In which century (A.D) did Issac Neoton put forth his there laws of motion ?

(a) 16th century

(b) 17th century

(c) 18th century

(d) 19th century

Ans:- (b) 17th century

  1. Light exists as tiny particles which are called


(b) positrons

(c) photons

(d) protons

Ans:- (c) photons

  1. Which nuclear fuel was used in the two atom bombs dropped in Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

(a) only uranium

(b) only plutonium

(c) only radium

(d) uranium  and plutonium

Ans:- (d) uranium  and plutonium

  1. The depletion of the ozone layar surrounding our earth increase our exposure to

(a) UV radiation

(b) IR radiation

(c) Visible radians

(d) Microwave

Ans:- (a) UV radiation

  1. Which radioactive substance was discovered by the French Scientist Marie Curie ?

(a) Uranium

(b) Radium

(c) Thorium

(d) Plutonium

Ans:- (b) Radium

  1. The method of CT scan used in modern medical imaging uses

(a) Alpha rays

(b) Sound waves

(c) X- rays

(d) Microwave

Ans:-  (c) X- rays

  1. Which Indian scientific organism developed the ICBM missile, Agni – V recently

(a) ISRO

(b) DRDO

(c) CSIR

(d) BARC

Ans:- (b) DRDO

  1. Whose theory brought in a transition from classical physics to modern physics ?

(a) Issac Newton

(b) C.V. Raman

(c) H.J. Bhabha

(d) Max Planck

Ans:- (d) Max Planck

  1. Which scientist proposed theory that the sun is at centre of our solar system ?

(a) Copernicus

(b) Newton

(c) Galileo

(d) Rutherford

Ans:- (a) Copernicus

  1. In india the first nuclear power plant was built in 1963. The total number of nuclear power plants built in India 1963 – 2011 are about

(a) Ten

(b) Twenty

(c) Thirty

(d) Forty

Ans:- (b) Twenty

  1. What percentage of World’s electricity produced by nuclear power plants ?

(give the maximum percentage )

(a) about 505

(b) about 25%

(c) about 13 %

(d) about 3%

Ans:- (c) about 13 %

  1. To which India- born physicist a Nobel Prize was awarded for research related to the structure and evolution stars ?

(a) C.V Raman

(b) Amartya Sen

(c) Meghnad Saha

(d) S. Chandrashekar

Ans:- (d) S. Chandrashekar

  1. What is the name of he technical person who brought revolution in India’s telecommunication system after 1984 ?

(a) Vikram Sarabhai

(b) Sam Pitroda

(c) Raja Ramanna

(d) Madhavan Nair

Ans:- (b) Sam Pitroda

  1. What is the Indian Institution Remote Sensing part of ?

(a) ISRO

(b) GSI

(c) DAE

(d) CSIR


  1. What has the geostationary satellite INSAT put in orbit by ISRO India improved ?

(a) Geological survey

(b) High systems

(c) Wireless Communication system

(d) River System

Ans:- (c) Wireless Communication system

  1. ‘Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It may be converted form one form to another’. What law of thermodynamic is hs ?

(a)  Third law

(b) First Law

(c) Zeroth law

(d) Second law

Ans:- (b) First Law

  1. At what temperature on centigrade scale is represented is represented by the same temperature on Fahrenheit scale ?

(a) – 40

(b) -100

(c) -32

(d) +273

Ans:- (a) – 40

  1. Which of the following carbon isotopes is used to determine the age of plant or animal ?

(a) C-14

(b) C -12

(c) C -13

(d) None of these

Ans:- (a) C-14

  1. When a wave countries to programme in still air, which of the following quantities decreases ?

(a) Amplitude

(b) Period

(c)  Frequency

(d) Speed

Ans:- (a) Amplitude

  1. What is Grass – Grasshopper- Frog- Snake – Eagle , foodchaine called ?

(a) Marchy Ecosystem

(b) Grassland Ecosystem

(c) Agro Ecosystem

(d) Forest Ecosystem

Ans:- (b) Grassland Ecosystem

  1. The purest form of iron is

(a) Cast iron

(b) Wrought iron

(c) Steel

(d) Stainless Steel

Ans:- (b) Wrought iron

  1. Which of the following metals occur in free and native state ?

(a) Mg, Ca

(b) Ni, Zn

(c) Fe, Al

(d) Pt, Au

Ans:- (d) Pt, Au

  1. Minamata disease found in Japan was due to

(a) As poisoning

(b) Cd poisoning

(c)  Pb poisoning

(d) Hg poisoning

Ans:- (d) Hg poisoning

  1. What is the atmospheric pressure sea level ?

(a) 76 cm

(b) 29.9

(c) 1013.2 millibar

(d) all the above

Ans:- (d) all the above

  1. Which of the following scientist was not awred Noble prize in Physics?

(a) Niel Bohr

(b) Einstein

(c) Jagdishchandra Bose

(d) C.V. Raman

Ans:- (c) Jagdishchandra Bose

  1. In the recent the export of which commodities have sharply risen ?

(a) Sugar and cotton

(b) Gold and silver

(c) Tea and coffee

(d) Electronic goods and software

Ans:- (d) Electronic goods and software

  1. As per the recommendations of Prof. Hashmi Committee which of the following programmes was not include in Swarna Jayanti Gram Rojgar Yojana ?

(a) Integrated Rural Development Programme

(b) Bharat Nirman Programme

(c) Ganga’s Welfare Plan

(d) Million Wells Plan

Ans:- (b) Bharat Nirman Programme

  1. Which tax system is used for levying in India ?

(a) Proportional taxes

(b) Progressive taxes

(c) Regressive taxes

(d) Degressive taxes

Ans:- (b) Progressive taxes

  1. Special tax is leveled on which one the following ?

(a) On volume of commodity

(b) On weight of commodity

(c) On features and quality of commodity

(d) On volume and weight of commodity

Ans:- (d) On volume and weight of commodity

  1. Which of the following is not a type of Audit of Public Enterprises ?

(a) Government Department Audit

(b) Government Statutory Corporations Audit

(c) Co-operative Societies Audit

(d) Government Companies Audit

Ans:- (c) Co-operative Societies Audit

  1. What is the basic objective of the Agriculture Prices Commission ?

(a) Balance Price Structure

(b) Integrated Price Structure

(c) Options 1 and 2 above

(d) None of the above

Ans:- (c) Options 1 and 2 above

  1. What was the change in composition of India import from 1991 to 2004 ?

(a) Fall in import demand of petrol, lubricant and oil

(b) Rise in import of edible oil pulses, sugar etc.

(c) Fall in the import of iron and steel

(d) None of the above

Ans:- (b) Rise in import of edible oil pulses, sugar etc.

  1. Which of the following is not the change in India’s Direction of trade ?

(a) Low share of England in India Foreign Trade

(b) Fall in India trade with countries like Japan and Australia

(c) Rise in India’s foreign trade with Asian and Africa countries

(d) Fall in Import of iron and steel

Ans:- (d) Fall in Import of iron and steel

  1. Which among the following is termed as ‘Rainbow Revolution’ ?

(a) Population Policy

(b) New Industrial  Policy

(c) New Agriculture Policy

(d) New Banking Policy

Ans:- (c) New Agriculture Policy

  1. Auditing and Evaluation problem is related to which among the following ?

(a) Industries in the Private Sector

(b) Industries in the Public Sector

(c) Joint Sector

(d) Tertiary Sector

Ans:- (b) Industries in the Public Sector

  1. Which among the following is not a feature of (2002-07) Import-Export Policy ?

(a) Removal of restriction on agriculture exports

(b) Promotion of exports by small scale and cottage industries

(c) Import substitution

(d) Development of Special Economic Zone

Ans:- (c) Import substitution

  1. Which among the following is not the source of internal public debt ?

(a) Loans from Banks and other Financial Institutions

(b) Insurance Fund

(c) Provident  Fund

(d) Loans from international Monetary Fund

Ans:- (d) Loans from international Monetary Fund

  1. What was the Narasimhan Committee 1991 related to ?

(a) Poverty

(b) Import Export Policy

(c) Financial System of Bank

(d) Unemployment

Ans:- (c) Financial System of Bank

  1. Which of the following measures is used for controlling inflation ?

(a) Changing monetary  policy

(b) Reducing import duty

(c) Public distribution system

(d) All the above

Ans:- (d) All the above

  1. Which products are considered to deduce Food Index ?

(a) Primary food articles and manufactured food products

(b) Primary food articles and clothes

(c) Manufactured food products, wheat and rice

(d) Sugar, wheat, rice and clothes

Ans:- (b) Primary food articles and clothes

  1. In the post independence period to which group of countries have India’s exports risen ?

(a) OECD

(b) OPEC

(c) Eastern

(d) Developing Nations

Ans:- (d) Developing Nations

56.What diws FEMA , 1999 aim at

(a) Prohibition Foreign Tourists

(b) Controlling imports

(c) Prohibition NRI investment

(d) Facillitating external trade and payment

Ans:- (d) Facillitating external trade and payment

  1. What is the major problem of Regional Rural Banks ?

(a) Problems of Recovery

(b) Problems of Working Capital

(c) Problem of illiteracy of customers

(d) Problem of shortage of staff

Ans:- (a) Problems of Recovery

  1. In the context RBI, considered the following :

(a) Agriculture

(b) Small Enterprizes

(c) Construction

(d) Education Loan

Which of he above areas is include in priority sector lending ?

(a) Only 1

(b) 1 and 2

(c)  3 and 4

(d) 1,2 and 4


  1. What is the allotment of districts to various commercial banks for the purpose of rapid branch expansion called as ?

(a) Integrated Rural Development Programme

(b) Lead Bank Scheme

(c) Nationalisation of Commercial Banks

(d) Service Area Approach

Ans:- (b) Lead Bank Scheme

  1. What is the purpose of Kisan Credit Scheme of India Banks ?

(a) Micro-credit to poor people

(b) Short-term loan to farmers

(c) Crop insurance to farmers

(d) Long term loan to farmers

Ans:- (b) Short-term loan to farmers

  1. Which of the following in the context of 11th five year plan is considered with the strategy of inclusive growth ?

(a) Infrastructure development

(b) A big scale increase in education and health allocations

(c) Huge investment in power generation

(d) All the above

Ans:- (b) A big scale increase in education and health allocations

  1. What is the type of bunding recommended for lands with slope < 6% ?

(a) Graded bunding

(b) Contour bunding

(c) Compartmental bunding

(d) Live bunding

Ans:- (b) Contour bunding

  1. Which variety of sorghum is specially recommended for poping purpose ?

(a) Phule Ravati

(b) Phulr Uttara

(c) Phule Panchmi

(d) Phule Vasudha

Ans:- (c) Phule Panchmi

  1. The ratio of total area cropped in a year to the total alnd area available for cultivation and expressed in percentage is called as

(a) Crop intensity index

(b) Multiple cropping intensity

(c) Cultivated utilization index

(d) Sustainable yield index

Ans:- (b) Multiple cropping intensity

  1. Out of he total geographical area of India, hou much land comes under different kinds of land degradation ?

(a) 108 mha

(b) 158 mha

(c) 188 mha

(d) 218 mha

Ans:- (b) 158 mha

  1. Sprinkler irrigation is not suitable for soil with the infiltration rate

(a) Less than 4mm/h

(b) 5 – 12 mm/h

(c) 10 – 15 mm/h

(d) 15 – 20 mm/h

Ans:- (a) Less than 4mm/h

  1. Which post-emergence herbicide is used for controlling parasitic cuscutta weed in lucern crop ?

(a) Paraquat

(b) Chlorpropham

(c) Alachlor

(d) Pronamide

Ans:- (d) Pronamide

  1. What is the measure of ability of the crop to produce area on unit area of land thoroghout life ?

(a) Leaf area index

(b) Leaf area duration

(c) Relative growth rate

(d) Crop growth rate

Ans:- (b) Leaf area duration

  1. Which is the measure of ability of the crop to produce leaf area on unit area of land throughout its life ?

(a) Leaf area index

(b) Leaf area duration

(c) Relative growth rate

(d) Crop growth rate

Ans:- (b) Leaf area duration

  1. Which fish is a surface food eater in eater in water bodies ?

(a) Rohu

(b) Katla

(c) Prawn

(d) Shark

Ans:- (b) Katla

  1. What does USLE stand for in the soil loss estimation ?

(a) Unique soil erosion

(b) Universal soil erosion

(c) Unique soil loss equation

(d) Universal soil loss equation

Ans:- (d) Universal soil loss equation

  1. For reclamation of whgich soil gypsum is used ?

(a) Acid soils

(b) Sodic soils

(c) Saline soils

(d) None of these

Ans:- (b) Sodic soils

  1. ‘Raingun’ is a modified of which irrigation system ?

(a) Drip system

(b) Sprinkle system

(c) Basin method

(d) None of these

Ans:- (b) Sprinkle system

  1. Which one of the following is an indigenous breed of sheep ?

(a) Pashmina

(b) Kashmir Merino

(c) Chequ

(d) Angola

Ans:- (b) Kashmir Merino

  1. ‘Usmanadabi is a breed of which animal ?

(a) Cow

(b) Sheep

(c) Goat

(b) None of these

Ans:- (c) Goat

  1. What for is a cowpea crop grown ?

(a) Vegetable

(b) Fodder

(c) Green manuring

(d) All the above

Ans:- (d) All the above

  1. Which has the second green revolution in started in India

(a) Eastern India

(b) Southern India

(c) North India

(d) None of these

Ans:- (a) Eastern India

  1. Absorption of nutrients from lowly concentrated soil solution compared plants sap is called as ___________

(a) Active absorption

(b) Passive absorption

(c) Negative absorption

(d) Positive absorption

Ans:- (a) Active absorption

  1. A device to measure the percolation, leaching of soil moisture under controlled conditions in known as ___________

(a) Infiltrometer

(b) Evaporimeter

(c) Psycrometer

(d) Lysimeter

Ans:- (d) Lysimeter

  1. the soil moistures strees caused due to imbalance between available soil moisture and evapotranspiration of crop is termed as

(a) Mereorological drought

(b) Hydrological drought

(c) Agriculture drought

(d) permanent drought

Ans:- (c) Agriculture drought

  1. Where is ‘Apiculture’ more successful ?

(a) Floral biodiversity is high

(b) Honeybees are more

(c) Cereal crops are more

(d) None of these

Ans:- (a) Floral biodiversity is high

  1. What for has Government of India launched the ‘National Food Security Mission’ ?

(a) Increase oilseed production

(b) Increase foodgrain production

(c) Construction of Godowns

(d) None of these

Ans:- (b) Increase foodgrain production

  1. How is the Minimum Support Price (MPS) generally fixed ?

(a) More than market price

(b) Lower than market price

(c) Equal to market price

(d) None of these

Ans:- (b) Lower than market price

  1. Amongst the atmospheric layers which the most dense that occupies 85% of the atmosphere ?

(a) Stratosphere

(b) Mesosphere

(c) Thermosphere

(d) Troposphere

Ans:- (d) Troposphere

  1. In which animal is Pox disease found ?

(a) Buffalo

(b) Goat

(c)  Sheep

(d) All the above

Ans:- (d) All the above

  1. Which of the following soils fixes more phosphates ?

(a) Alkaline

(b) Acidic

(c) Saline

(d) Calcareous

Ans:- (b) Acidic

  1. What is the scientists name of bread wheat ?

(a) Triticum durum

(b) Triticum aestivum

(c) Triticum dicocum

(d) Triticum spherococum

Ans:- (b) Triticum aestivum

  1. What is the energy with which water held by the soil called ?

(a) Gravitations potential

(b) Capillary potential

(c) Osmotic potential

(d Pressure potential

Ans:- (b) Capillary potential

  1. Which organic manure has high nitrogen content ?

(a) FYM

(b) Neem cake

(c) Compost

(d) Vermi compost

Ans:- (b) Neem cake

  1. What give red colourto tomatoes ?

(a) Curcumin

(b) Lycopen

(c) Coffein

(d) Lecithin

Ans:- (b) Lycopen

  1. Which trees are useful for Lac-culture ?

(a) Palas trees

(b) Ber trees

(c) 1 and 2

(d) None of these

Ans:- (c) 1 and 2

  1. Name the facility by which voice, data vedio clips are speedily transferred in the mobile phone

(a) Portability

(b) 2G

(c) 3G

(d) Fast net

Ans:- (c) 3G

  1. Which of the following organs of the human body is affected by Hepatitis ‘B’ ?

(a) Heart

(b) Brain

(c) Liver

(d) Lungs

Ans:- (c) Liver

  1. What kind of missile is “Brahmos “ which was launched successfully from Odisha?

(a) Surface to air missile

(b) Air to air missile

(c) Surface to surface missile

(d) Surface to water missile

Ans:- (c) Surface to surface missile

  1. Which of the following is one of the core Reserve Bank o=f India ?

(a) To act as tax collector for the Govt. of India

(b) Work as Banker to the Banks

(c) Help in finalization of Union Budget

(d) Participate in the various meetings of financial institution

Ans:- (b) Work as Banker to the Banks

  1. The prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has planned to development how much skilled manpower by 2022?

(a) 500 million

(b) 1,000 million

(c) 5,000 million

(d) None of these

Ans:- (a) 500 million

  1. According to administrative reforms made by the Govt. of Maharashtra in 2011, who is the secretary of ‘Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudan Yojona Samiti’?

(a) Tahasildar or Nayab Tahsildar

(b) Block Development Officer

(c) Gramsevak

(d) Talathi

Ans:- (a) Tahasildar or Nayab Tahsildar

  1. Approximately how much cotton was produced in Maharashtra during 2011-12?

(a) 80 lac. bales

(b) 85 lac. bales

(c) 90 lac. bales

(d)  95 lac. bales

Ans:- (b) 85 lac. bales

  1. In which country a writ petition demanding ban on the Bhagwad Geeta for preaching terrorism was filled in the court of law ?

(a) America

(b) Germany

(c) Russia

(d) France

Ans:- (c) Russia

  1. Name the Indian leader who addressed the UN General Assembly in September 2011?

(a) Sonia Gandhi

(b) Meira Kumar

(c) Manmohan Singh

(d) Pranab Mukherjee

Ans:- (c) Manmohan Singh

  1. Who is the recipient of the ‘Photographer of the Year’ 2011 Award ?

(a) Shankarrao Borker

(b) Baiju Patil

(c) Hemanti Kulkarani

(d) Subash Deshmukh

Ans:-  (b) Baiju Patil

  1. Who is the richest Asian Woman from our country ?

(a) Chanda Kochar

(b) Kiraan Mazumdar

(c) Ekta Kappor

(d) Savitri Jindal

Ans:- (d) Savitri Jindal

  1. At what age did the legendary film actor Dev-Anand pass away on 5th Dec. 2001 in London

(a) 90

(b) 88

(c)  98

(d) 87

Ans:- (b) 88

  1. What is the interest charged by the RBI on the money borrowed from it by the various banks called ?

(a) Direct interest

(b) Repo rate

(c) Reserve repo rate

(d) indirect interest rate

Ans:- (b) Repo rate

  1. From which country after completing the mission did the USA withdraw its military forces after 9 years on 15th Dec. 2012 ?

(a) Afghanistan

(b) South Korea

(c)  Vietnam

(d) Iraq


  1. Which website was banded by the Indian Government ?





Ans:- (a)

  1. Which is Indian’s longest range missile ?

(a) Nirbhay

(b) Agni II

(c) Agni V

(d) Shaurya

Ans:- (c) Agni V

  1. With what are the terms TRIPS and TRIMS associated ?

(a) WTO

(b) IBRD

(c) IMF

(d) ADB

Ans:- (a) WTO

  1. India lodget a formal complaint with china after its soldiers to a road that was being constructed in Demchok is in which state ?

(a) Jammu and Kashmir

(b) Arucachal Pradesh

(c) Sikkim

(d) Himachal Pradesh

Ans:- (a) Jammu and Kashmir

  1. How is Narayan Shripad Rajhans better known as ?

(a) Poet Grace

(b) Bal Gandharva

(c) Kumar Gandharva

(d) Chhota Gandharva

Ans:- (b) Bal Gandharva

  1. In September 2010, ther first Adhar number (7824 7431 7884) was allored to lady who lives in a tribal village, to what state does the belongs ?

(a) Chhatisgarh

(b) Jharkhand

(c) Odisha

(d) Maharashtra


  1. With which Classical Indian dance from, the terms Taganam, Jaganam, Dhaganam and Sammishram are associated ?

(a)  Bharatnatyam

(b) Kathak

(c) Kulchipudi

(d) Mohiniyattam


  1. Which is the 193rd member of the UN ?

(a) North Sudan

(b) South Sudan

(c) Zimbabwe

(d) Zambia

Ans:- (b) South Sudan

  1. If a clock strikes every hour at 1 O’clock twice at 2O’clock and so on. How many times will it in 24 hours ?

(a) 154

(b) 156

(c) 158

(d) 152

Ans:- (b) 156

  1. Ram is twice as fast as Akhil. Akhil is thrice as fasr=t as Akshay. What time will Ram required to travel a distance double the distance travelled by Akshay in one hour and 18 min. ?

(a) 13 min

(b) 26 min

(c) 36 min.

(d) 2 hour 36 min.

Ans: –  (b) 26 min

  1. Select correct alternative in place of question mark.

8 (97) 6, 4 (56) 5,6 (75) 4, 7 (?) 8.

(a) 85

(b) 102

(c) 109

(d) 48

Ans:-  (c) 109

  1. Choose the correct alternative.

6 : 49: : 7: ?

(a) 50

(b) 42

(c) 64

(d) 62


  1. Choose the number similar to the numbers in the following set.

968, 572, 653?

(a) 567

(b) 959

(c) 469

(d) 935

Ans:- (b) 959

  1. What comes in place of the question mark ?

B : 9 : : H: ?

(a) 10

(b) 81

(c) 49

(d) 100

Ans:- (b) 81

  1. Choose the group of letters different from other.

(a) PLS        (b) QAT         (c) CUZ         (d) BLW

(1) a

(2) b

(3) c

(4) d

Ans:- (4) d

  1. Choose the group which is different from the others.

(a)  64-39               (b) 74-40                    (c) 88-63              (d) 79-54

(1) a                         (2) b                            (3) c                      (4) d

Ans:- (2) b

  1. Farzana and Taslima are sisters. Alim and akbar are brothers. Alim’s sob Mohamad is Taslima’s brother. How is Akbar releted with Farzana

(a) No relation

(b) Father

(c) Uncle

(d) Brother

Ans:- (c) Uncle

  1. If 7×5=VIII; 6×5 = III; 5×3 = VI, THEN 9×4 = ?

(a) XXII

(b) XVI

(c) II

(d) IX

Ans:- (d) IX

  1. If DOOR = 25, LOWER = 37, TOWER = 18, then OVER = ?

(a) 60

(b) 81

(c) 06

(d) 45

Ans:- (c) 06

  1. In a code language if the world ‘QUEEN’ is written as OVCFL, how will the world ‘KING’ be written ?

(a) MKOF

(b) IJLH

(c) PHIK

(d) FOKM

Ans:- (b) IJLH

  1. If EDUCATION is written as 5421312091514, then how CAT be written ?

(a) 13120

(b) 3120

(c) 312

(d) 31209

Ans:- (b) 3120

  1. How many meaningful worlds can be formed using the fifth, second abd eight letters on the world ‘CARKETAKET’ ?

(a) 3

(b) 2

(c) 1

(d) None

Ans:- (a) 3

  1. There is a number series with one term missing shown by ?. Find this term from the four alternative given below .

3, 15, 35, ? , 99, 143

(a) 63

(b) 69

(c) 77

(d) 81

Ans:- (a) 63

  1. The Republic day in 1988 was on Tuesday. On which day was the Indepandence day in 1990 ?

(a) Monday

(b) Wednesday

(c) Friday

(d) Sunday

Ans:- (b) Wednesday

  1. What will be the next term in the following series ?

2 2 3 2 4 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 6 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 3 4 5 6 7 ?

(a)  2

(b) 5

(c) 7

(d) 8

Ans:- (d) 8

  1. A watch runs 20 seconds slow per hour. The watch was set rifgt at 6 a.m. on Sutueday.

What time will the watch show at 12 noon on Monday ?

(a) 12.18

(b) 11.20

(c) 11.42

(d) 12.36

Ans:- (c) 11.42