MPSC Maharashtra Subordinate Service, Gr.B (Non-Gazetted)- Preliminary Examination 2018 Question paper

MPSC  Maharashtra Subordinate Service, Gr.B (Non-Gazetted)- Preliminary Examination 2018 Question paper

  1. Consider the following statements about the ‘Pradhan Mantri Matritva (Mahu) Vandana Yojana’ :

(a) This scheme was launched by the Central Government on April 1, 2016.

(b) Under the Scheme government would provide 7 8,000 financial aid to pregnant and lactating mothers.

(c) It also aims at improving the health of pregnant women and lactating mothers though cash incentives.

Answer options:

(1) Statements (a), (b), (c) are correct

(2) Statements (b), (c) are correct

(3) Only statement (a) is correct

(4) Only statement (c) is correct

  1. Who is the author of the book ‘The Coalition Years’ ?

(1) Pranab Mukherjee

(2) P. Chidambaram

(3) Dr. Manmohan Singh

(4) Kapil Sibbal

  1. Jaydev Unadkat emerged as the most expensive Indian Player in 2018 IPL auction. He is signed by _________ .

(1) Rajasthan Royals

(2) Kings XI Punjab

(3) Chennai Super Kings

(4) Kolkata Knight Riders

  1. Who among the following is the recipient of the award for research on language in the name of Dr. Ashok Kelkar , given by the government of Maharashtra ?

(1) Dr. Rangnath Pathare

(2) Dr. Milind Joshi

(3) Dr. Avinash Biniwale

(4) Dr. Ashok Kamat

  1. Following are the different initiatives by Tourism Ministry, Government of India. Which of them is incorrectly stated ?

(1) PRASAD – free food distribution to visitors at renowned pilgrimage sites.

(2) HRIDAY – preserve, revitalized India’s heritage cities.

(3) Incredible India 2.0 – to promote tourism in India.

(4) e – ticketing at Tourist sites – started at Taj mahal and Humayun Tomb.

  1. Which of the following statements about Kailash Mansarovar Yatra are true ?

(a) It has been organised by Ministry of External Affairs.

(b) It has been organised through two different routes Lipulekh Pass (Uttarakhand) and Nathula Pass (Sikkim).

(c) Foreign Nationals are not eligible to apply for this yatra.

(d) Ministry of External Affairs does not provide any subsidy/financial assistance to Yatris.

Answer options :

(1) (a), (b), (c), (d)

(2) (a), (b), (c)

(3) (b), (c)

(4) (a), (b)

  1. What is the range of Agni – 5 ballistic missile ?

(1) 5,000 – 5,500 km

(2) 3,500 km

(3) 7,500 km

(4) 10,000 km

  1. MeToo’ campaign on social media is related with __________ .

(1) Sexual harassment and assault

(2) Depression, sucide like psychological issues

(3) Privacy issues at social media

(4) Voter campaign

  1. The main function of Maharashtra State Commission for women is ________ .

(a) To evaluate the progress of the women empowerment in the state

(b) To implement the Directive Principles of the Constitution mentioned in the article 38, 39, 39-A and 42

(c) To conduct the elections of the women for the state legislative assembly as well as local self Government

(d) None of the above

Answer options :

(1) Only (a)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) (b) and (c)

(4) Only (d)

  1. Avani Chaturvedi has become the first Indian woman to fly a fighter jet solo. Which aircraft did she fly ?

(1) Mig – 21 Bison

(2) Mig – 27 Bison

(3) Sukhoi

(4) Su – 57

  1. Which Yojana has been launched by central government for providing Physical Aids and Assisted – living Devices to Senior Citizens belonging to below poverty line category ?

(1) Deen Dayal Vayoshri Yojana

(2) Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana

(3) Pradhanmantri Vayoshri Yojana

(4) Atal Vayoshri Yojana

  1. According to a report by ‘New world wealth’, Mumbai is among the Lop 15 richest cities in the world. Which city follows Mumbai in this report ?

(1) Chicago

(2) Toranto

(3) Frankfurt

(4) Shanghai

  1. Which state has launched KCR Kit Scheme for the welfare of pregnant women and new born babies in the states ?

(1) Telangana

(2) Kerala

(3) Haryana

(4) Assam

  1. Human Rights activist, Asma Jehangir recently Passed away, she was a citizen of _________ .

(1) India

(2) Pakistan

(3) Bangladesh

(4) Afghanistan

  1. Which of the following subjects are included in the concurrent list ?

(a) Electricity

(b) Marriage and Divorce, adoption

(c) Weights and measures and establishment of its standards

(d) Trade Union

  1. Find out the incorrect statement? :

(a) National Commission for Backward Classes is statutory body.

(b) It Works under Home Ministry,

(c) NCBC is not yet been empowered to look into the grievances of persons of other Backward classes.

(d) It was established in year 1990.

Answer options:

(1) (a), (b), (c)

(2) (b), (d)

(3) (c), (d)

(4) (b), (c)

  1. Consider the following statements : (with reference to High Court)

(a) The President has the power to appoint an additional judge for a temporary period of not exceeding two years for the clearance of the arrears of the work in a High Court.

(b) The President can appoint an acting judge when a permanent judge of the High Court (other than a Chief Justice) is temporarily absent or unable to perform his duties.

(c)  Neither an additional nor acting judge can hold office beyond the age of 65 years.

 Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

(1) (a) only

(2) (c) only

(3) (a) and (b)

(4) (a), (b) and (c)

  1. The state can impose reasonable restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression [Article – 19 @)(a)] on which of the following grounds ?

(a) Contempt of court

(b) Protection of minorities

(c) Friendly relations with foreign states

(d) Sovereignty and integrity of India

(e) Decency or morality

Answer options :

(1) (a), (b), (c), (e)

(2) (b), (c), (d)

(3) (a), (c), (d), (e)

(4) All above

  1. Which one of the followin8 statements regarding Maharashtra Legislature is incorrect ?

(1) A bill pending in the legislative is not lapsed by reason of prorogation of the houses.

(2) A bill pending in the Legislative council which has not been passed by the Legislative Assembly is not lapsed on a dissolution of the Assembly.

(3) A bill pending in the Legislative Assembly or which, having been passed by the Legislative Assembly is pending in the council is lapsed on a dissolution of the Assembly.

(4) None of these

  1. Consider the following statements regarding the Metropolitan Planning Committee :

(a) The composition and the manner of election of members of such committees are decided by State Govemment.

(b) The State Government may make provision about the representation in such committees of the Central Govemment, State Government and other organizations.

Which of the above statements is/are incorrect ?

(1) Only(a)

(2) Only (b)

(3) Both

(4) None of the above

  1. In which of the following states, seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha ?

(1) Bihar

(2) Odisha

(3) Tamil Nadu

(4) Uttar Pradesh

  1. ‘The Holkars were neutral during the Revolt of 1857, yet their soldiers revolted at which of the following places ?

((a) Bhopal

(b) Mahu

(c) Indore

(d) Mahidasi

Answer options :

(1) (a) and (b) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (c) and (d) only

(4) (a), (c), (d) only

  1. In 1920 A.D _________ was appointed as the first High Commissioner of India.

(1) Edwin Montague

(2) Sir William Meyer

(3) Sidney Rowlatt

(4) Lord Chelmsford

  1. The farmers from which district of Bengal had established an organization of Farmers in 1873 ?

(1) Rajmahal

(2) Murshidabad

(3) Bhagalpur

(4) Pabna

  1. Operation Polo was undertaken to merge which of the following states in Indian Union ?

(1) Junagadh

(2) Hydrabad

(3) Kashmir

(4) Limdi

  1. Who had started the following periodicals ?

(a) Vidyarthi

(b) Congress

(c) Sadhana

Answer options :

(1) Acharya Atre

(2) Ramananda Tirtha

(3) Hirve Guruji

(4) Sane Guruji

  1. Which of the following honours were Conferred on Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Kame ?

(a) Bharat Ratna

(b) Padma Vibhushan

(c) D. Litt.

(d) LL. D.

Answer options :

(1) (a) Only

(2) (a) and (b) only

(3) (a), (b) and (c) only

(4) (a), (b), (c), (d)

  1. The Kolhapur Praja Parishad was established by the efforts of ________ and _______.

(1) Madhavrao Bagal and Ratnappa Kumbhar

(2) Danlodar Bhide and Damodar Joshi

(3) Hanmant Kulkarni and Gangadharrao Deshpande

(4) Khanderao Bagal and Damodar Joshi

  1. Krishnaji Prabhakar Khadilkar became a follower of _____.

(1) B.G. ‘T’ilak

(2) G.K. Gokhale

(3) M.K. Gandhi

(4) G.H. Deshmuk

  1. The discussion between Vishllubaba Brahmachari and the Missionaries is found in the book______.

(1) Vedoktadharma prakash

(2) ‘Samudra Kinaricha Vad Vivad’

(3) Arunoday

(4) Dharma Vivechan.

  1. Yomeshchandra Banarjee, the first President of the National Congress stated the objectives I’or the establishment of the National Cotigress, which were they ?

(a) Social Equality/ Uniformity

(b) National Feeling

(c) Secularism

(d) Development of sense of unity and consolidation of the same

Answer options:

(1) (a) and (c) only

(2) (b) and (d) only

(3) (a) and (d) only

(4) (a). (b) and (c) only

  1. By which law was the Supreme Court of Calcutta established ?

(1) 1773’s Regulating Act

(2) 1784’s Pits India Act

(3) 1793’s Legislative Act

(4) 1813’s Legislative Act

  1. Which of the following pairs is correct ?

(1) Bagachi – Private Investment in India

(2) S. Gopal – Emergency of Indian Nationalism

(3) Anil Seal – Problems and Politics of British in India 1885 – 89

(4) Hiralal Sinha – British Policy in India

  1. Who wrote the Booklet “Bandi Jiven” ?

(1) Chandrashekhar Azad

(2) Rasbihari Bose

(3) Ramprasad Bismil

(4) Sachindranath Sanyal

  1. What is total Geographical area of Maharashtra ?

(1) 200.60 Lakh hectare

(2) 207.60 Lakh hectare

(3) 307.70 Lakh hectare

(4) 318.60 Lakh hectare

  1. Because of Kokan Railway the distance between Mumbai to Kochin is reduced by _____ km.

(1) 513

(2) 213

(3) 102

(4) 302

  1. Which of the following river is not a part of Godavari basin ?

(1) Terna

(2) Pravara

(3) Manjra

(4) Bhatsa

  1. ______ is major port of Gujarat State.

((1) Kandla

(2) Kochi

(3) Mandvi

(4) None of the above

  1. _________ is recorded in world heritage site.

(1) Ajanta caves

(2) Karle caves

(3) Pitalkhora caves

(4) Bedsa caves

  1. Which of the following states has high tank irrigation ?

(1) Andhra Pradesh

(2) Maharashtra

(3) Madhya Pradesh

(4) Gujarat

  1. Gomit, Pardhi, Bhill these Scheduled tribes are mainly found in which of the following district ?

(1) Akola

(2) Buldhana

(3) Dhule

(4) Thane

  1. 4s per census 2011 ______ district has highest population of schedule cast in Maharashtra.

(1) Nasik

(2) Aurangabad

(3) Pune

(4) Solapur

  1. Indias First Five Year Plan _______ .

(1) 1950 – 1955

(2) 1941 – 1946

(3) 1951 – 1956

(4) 1961 – 1966

  1. What is the main water divider of Maharashtra ?

(1) Sahyadri Mountain

(2) Satpudj. Mountain

(3) Nilgiri Mountain

(4) Aravali Mountain

  1. The first nuclear reactor in Maharashtra is known as ______

(1) Cyrus

(2) Dhruva

(3) Purninla

(4) Apsara

  1. The dolomite deposits are in ________ districts of Maharashtra.

(1) Amravati and Akola

(2) Nanded and Parbhani

(3) Hingoli and Waslum

(4) Yavatmal and Ratnagiri

  1. _______ is the first Tourism district in Maharashtra.

(1) Kolhapur

(2) Nashik

(3) Sindhudurg

(4) Rabagiri

  1. To which of the following district boundaries are conected to Jalna district ?

(a) Buldhana, Parbhani, Beed, Aurangabad

(b) Buldhana, Washim, Parbhani, Nanded, Beed, Aurangabad, Jalgaon

(c) Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Usmanabad, Parbhani, Hingoli, Buldhana

Answer options :

(1) Only statement (a) is correct

(2) Only statement (b) is correct

(3) Only statement (c) is correct

(4) All the above statements are wrong

  1. Since 1950-51 to 2013-14 the share of agriculture sector in total gross domestic product indicating ______ trends.

(1) Stable

(2) Declining

(3) Increasing

(4) Neutral

  1. Konkan division of Maharashtra has a sustainable comparative advantage in the following sectors.

(a) Agriculture and Agro Processing Industries

(b) Forests and Mineral Wealth

(c) Textile Industry

(d) Fisheries, horticulture, tourism

Which of the above statement is/are true ?

(1) Only (a)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) Only (d)

(4) (c) and (d)

According the Government of Maharashtra 2013 Kelkar Committee Report Publication, following communities from Maharashtra are enumerated as Primitive Tribal Groups.

(a) Katkaris

(b) Madia Gonds

(c) Kolams

(d) Bhils

One of the following alternatives is correct

(1) (a), (b) and (c)

(2) Only (a) and (b)

(3) Only (b) and (c)

(4) Only (d)

  1. According to the Maharashtra Government’s Budget Estimate for 2016-17, which of the following is the correct sequence of the relative shares of revenue sources as per their importance in the total revenue ?

(a) State Excise Duties, Sales Tax, Other Taxes

(b) Tax and Duties on Electricity, State Excise Duties, Tax on Vehicles

(c) Sales Tax, Stamps and Registration charges, State Excise Duties

(d) Stamps and Registration charges, State Excise Duties, Other Taxes

Which of the above statement/s is/are correct ?

(1) only (b)

(2) Only (c)

(3) (c) and (d)

(4) Only (d)

  1. According to the theory of demographic transition in the second stage there is ________ .

(1) rapid growth of population

(2) population remains more or less stable

(3) rate of population growth remains stable

(4) none of the above

  1. Which of the following states adopted Fiscal Responsibility Legislation even before the Central Government ?

(a) Uttar Pradesh, Punjab

(b) Kamataka, Kerala

(c) Taimil Nadu

(d) West Bengal

Which of the following answer is correct ?

(1) Only (a)

(2) (a), (b) and (c)

(3) Only (b)

(4) Only (d)

  1. The average GDP growth rate during the later phases of planning 1981 to 2012 was ________ .

(1) 3.5%

(2) 5.9%

(3) 5.7%

(4) 4.2%

  1. ‘Universal Basic Income’ has following components :

(1) universality

(2) unconditionality

(3) agency (respect for recipient’s choice)

(4) all of the above

  1. According to results of PSE’s in 2004-05, PSEs show much better results in new economic environment due to.

(1) Grant greater autonomy

(2) Reduction of bureaucratic and political control

(3) Infuse Private Culture in PSE’s

(4) All the above measures

  1. Which of the following are the objectives of economic planning for the agricultural sector ‘?

(1) increase agricultural production

(2) Increase employment opportunities

(3) reduce inequality of incomes in rural aria

(4) all the above

  1. If deprivation score is _______ percent or greater, that household is multidimensional poor.

(1) 20.33

(2) 50.33

(3) 40.33

(4) 33.33

  1. The monetary policy refers to a regulatory policy where the Central bank maintains its control over the ______ .

(1) Public expenditure

(2) Supply of money

(3) Tax revenue

(4) All the above

  1. Which of the following statements is correct according to the laws of reflections for drawing ray diagrams of a concave mirror ?

(A) If the incident ray is parallel to the principal axis then the reflected ray passes through the focus.

(B) If the incident ray is passing through the focus then the reflected ray is parallel to the principal axis.

Select the correct option :

(1) Statements (A) and (B) both are correct.

(2) Statement (A) is correct and (B) is wrong.

(3) Statement (A) is wrong and (B) is correct.

(4) Statements (A) and (B) both are wrong.

  1. ‘The Discoverer of electron is :

(1) Sir J.J. Thon-on

(2) Gold Stem

(3) James Chadwick

(4) Rutherford

  1. Select correct answer.

 Peptide chain termination occurs with which codons ?





Answer Options :

(1) (a) and (b)

(2) Only (a)

(3)Only  (c)

(4) (d) and (c)

  1. Which of the statements given below is/are correct ?

(a) Taenia solium is called as Hookworm.

(b) Fasciola hepatica is commonly known as liver fluke.

(c) Ancylostoma duodenale is also called as Tapeworm.

(d) Nereis chilkaensis is commonly called as Ragworm.

Answer Options :

(1) (c) only

(2) (b) and (d) Only

(3) (a) Only

(4) (a) and (c) Only

  1. Brunner’s gland occurs in :

(1) Submucosa of duodenum

(2) Submucosa of stomach

(3) Mucosa of oesophagus

(4) Mucosa of ileum

  1. Which chromosomal characters play important role in classification of plants ?

(a) Number of chromosomes

(b) Morphology of chromosomes

(c) Size of chromosomes

(d) Aberrations in chromosomes

Which of the given above statement/s is/are correct ?

(1) (a) only

(2) (b) only

(3) (a), (b) and (c) only

(4) (a), (b), (c), (d)

  1. Which of the following plant groups has vascular system, produces spores, but does not has seed ?

(1) Bryophyta

(2) Pteridophyta

(3) Gymnosperms

(4) Angiosperms

  1. In Mammals, structurally the sense organs take which one of the following three basic forms ?

(1) Neuroepithelial receptors, Epithelial receptors and Neuronal receptors

(2) Epithelial receptors, Endothelial receptors and Neurological receptors

(3) Mesothelial receptors, Endothelial receptors and Epithelial receptors

(4) Neuronal receptors, Epithelial receptors and Cutaneous receptors

  1. The infections which usually develop slowly and are long-lasting are known as ______ infections.

(1) chronic

(2) acute

(3) systemic

(4) latency

  1. Sensory nerve cells called Rods and Cones are found in _______.

(1) Cochlea

(2) Dermis

(3) Epidermis

(4) Retina of the eye