MPSC Maharashtra Agriculture Service Preliminary Examination 2018 question paper

MPSC  Maharashtra Agriculture Service Preliminary Examination 2018 question paper

  1. Identify the correct interrogative sentence/s.

(a) What were you doing at two O’clock?

(b) When she got married?

(c) Why didn’t you water the plants?

Answer options:

(1) (a) only

(2) (a) and (c)

(3) (b) only

(4) ( b) and (c)

  1. Choose the option closest in meaning to the word printed in capitals in the following sentence :

He REPUDIATED all offers of friendship.

(1) Welcomed

(2) Tried

(3) Rejected

(4) Accepted

  1. Upheaval in the country came as sudden unexpected events for the government,

Select the most appropriate idiomatic expression for the underlined words in the above sentence:

(1) Bolt from the blue

(2) Bolt upright

(3) Have shot one’s bolt

(4) Make a bolt for

  1. Choose the wrongly spelt words.




Answer options:

(1) (a) and (b) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (a) and (c) only

(4) (a), (b) and (c)

  1. Choose the sentence/s containing correct use of prepositions

(a) The River flowed below a bridge.

(b) The repairs of the roof were completed quickly.

(c) The car in the garage had a flat battery.

Answer options:

(1) (c) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (b) only

(4) (a). ( b) and (c)

  1. Match the following:

(a) Deia vu (i) Final blow (the blow which kills)

(b) Coup de grace (ii) To remain doubtful about something

(c) Wet blanket (iii) The feeling of remembering something

(d) Take something with a pinch of salt  (iv) A person who prevents others from enjoying themselves

Answer options:

(a)  (b)   (c)     (d)

(1) (i)  (iii)  (iv)    (ii)

(2) (ii) (iv) (iii)    (i)

(3) (iii)  (i)   (ii)   (iv)

(4) (iii)  (i)   (iv)   (ii)

  1. Choose the best active voice structure for the following sentence: He was given a merciless thrashing at school.

(1) A merciless thrashing was given to him at school.

(2) At school, he was pen a merciless thrashing.

(3) The thrashing he was given at school was merciless.

(4) The teacher gave him a merciless thrashing at school

  1. (a) Never have I seen such a sight.

(b) Never I have seen such a sight.

Identify the grammatically correct sentence.

(1) Only (a) is correct

(2) Only (b) is correct

(3) Both (a) and (b) are correct

(4) Both (a) and (b) are incorrect

  1. Fill in the blank with the correct expression.

She makes _________ about her prejudice against them.

(I) No bones

(2) No hands

(3) No fingers

(4) None of the above

  1. The nurse said to us, “Please wait outside the room”. Which of the following indirect narration is correct?

(a) The nurse told us to wait outside the room.

(b) The nurse requested us to wait outside the room.

(c) The nurse instructed us to wait outside the room.

(d) The nurse urged us to wait outside the room.

Answer options:

(1) (a) and (b)

(2) (4 and (d)

(3) None of these

(4) AU of these

  1. Selfish politicians are troublesome for those who do not toe the line.

Select the most appropriate meaning of the underlined phrase in the above sentence:

(1) Go against them

(2) Join their group

(3) Support them

(4) Act according to their will

  1. Select the most appropriate meaning of the underlined expression.

New banking policy was presented to us as a fait accompli.

(1) Best policy

(2) Fateful

(3) Leaving no option but to accept

(4) Decision that can be changed

  1. State the meaning of the underlined phrase in the following sentence:

Environmentalists have no axe to grind.

Choose the correct option:

(1) An axe to be ground

(2) To make an axe sharper

(3) To use an axe to grind

(4) Have some selfish motive

  1. Identity adjectives in the following sentences:

(a) My father bought a large house.

(b) Weird noises disturbed us in the night.

(c) It was the ghastly apparition of an old man.

Answer options:

(1) Large, weird, ghastly, apparition

(2) Large, noises, ghastly, apparition

(3) Large, weird, ghastly, old

(4) None of the above

  1. Point out the correct sentences.

(a) There are two rooms. You can select either of them.

(b) There are four rooms. You can select either of them.

(c) There are two rooms. You can select any of them

(d) There are four rooms. You can select any of them

Answer options:

(1) (a) and (b)

(2) (b) and (c)

(3) (c) and (d)

(4) (a) and (d)

  1. Which of the following statement is false?

(a) Maharashtra Assembly passes prohibition of Social Boycott Bill in April 2016.

(b) An offence under the bill shall fetch a maximum punishment of seven years imprisonment or fine up to 7 5 lakh or both.

(c) Maharashtra has become the first state in India to pass a bill on Social Boycott.

Answer options:

(1) (a)

(2) (b)

(3) (c)

(4) None of above

  1. Where is the biggest market of Onions in Asia Continent?

(1) Delhi

(2) Nasik

(3) Mumbai

(4) Lasalgaon

  1. Consider the following statements about a law that allows paid maternity leave:

(a) The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill was passed by Parliament in March, 2017.

(b) Women employees will now be able to get paid maternity leave of 26 weeks.

(c) The entitlement of 26 weeks paid leave under the law is only for first two children.

(d) The law also allows paid maternity leave of 26 weeks for a woman who adopts a child below the age of three months.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

(1) (a), (b), (c)

(2) (b), (c), (d)

(3) (b) and (d)

(4) (a), (b), (c), (d)

  1. On February 15, 2017 India set a World record by launching 104 satellites horn a single rocket. Which one of the following statements about it is not correct?

(1) ISRO launches 104 satellites in a single mission in February 2017 by Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

(2) It was PSLV’s 37’h flight.

(3) Out of the total 104 satellites 101 belonged to the Foreign countries.

(4) Out of the total 104 satellites 96 belonged to US only

  1. From ______ year there has been a situation of tension between the Central Government and the State Government.

(1) 1971

(2) 1967

(3) 1965

(4) 1970

  1. By which Amendment, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes bifurcated into two bodies ?

(1) 8gth Amendment, 2002

(2) 89th Amendment, 2003

(3) 88th Amendment, 2002

(4) 88th Amendment, 2003

  1. Consider the following statements:

(a) The Chairman and the members of the Union Public Service Commission are appointed by the President.

(b) The Chairman and the members of the Union Public Service Conunission shall be removed from his office by the Prime Minister on the ground of misbehavior.

(c) The members of Union Public Service Commission shall hold a term of five years or until he attains the age of 62 years whichever is earlier.

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct?

(1) Only (a)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) Only (c)

(4) (b) and (c)

  1. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(1) The Constitution has prescribed the qualifications (legal, educational, administrative or judicial) for the post of Election Commissioner.

(2) The Constitution has debarred the retiring Election Commissioners from any further appointment by the government.

(3) The Chief Election Commissioner and two other Election Commissioners have equal powers.

(4) The Chief Election Commissioner and two other Election Commissioners cannot be removed from office except in same manner and on the same grounds as a judge of the Supreme Court.

  1. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a) The total number of Ministers, including the Prime Minister, in the Council of Ministers shall not exceed fifteen percent of the total number of members of the Parliament.

(b) As per provision of the Constitution, the Ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of the Prime Minister.

(c) It is necessary that at the time of appointment as Prime Minister, a person must be a member of Parliament.

Answer options:

(1) (a)

(2) (c)

(3) (b)

(4) None of the above

  1. From which one of the following monthlies did Lokhitwadi Gopal Hari Deshmukh publish his “Shat Patre” ?

(1) Trabhakar

(2) Samta

(3) Sulabh Samachar

(4) Bahishkrit Bharat

  1. Who wrote the book “Thoughts on Pakistan”?

(1) Sir Syed Ahrnad Khan

(2) Br. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

(3) Maulana Ahdul Karirn Azad

(4) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

  1. Which of the following provisions of the Act of 1935 were not implemented?

(a) India council was put to be ended

(b) Indian Federation

(c) Diarchy at the centre

(d) Provincial Autonomy

Answer options:

(1) (a) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (a), (b) and (c) only

(4) (d) only

  1. When did Mahatma Jyotirao Phule establish “Satyashodhak Samaj”?

(1) 8th Sep, 1873

(2) 10th Oct, 1873

(3) 14th Sep, 1873

(4) 15th Aug, 1873

  1. Who was called “Dirty Nigro” by Sir William Lee Warner?

(1) Kunjabihari Base

(2) Virendrakumar Ghosh

(3) Aurobindo Ghosh

(4) Hemchandra Das

  1. Who established “Bombay Association” in 1852?

(1) Mahatma Phule

(2) Ganesh Vasudev Joshi

(3) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

(4) Jagannath Shankar Seth

  1. The Organisation ‘The National Council of Women in India’ was established by ________ .

(1) Kanuben Mehta

(2) Sarladevi Chaudhurani

(3) Meharibai Tata

(4) Tapibai Hardikar

  1. In 1890 who established Mill Worker’s Orgmization in Bombay?

(1) Bhau Daji Lad

(2) Mahatma Phule

(3) Narayan Meghaji Lokhande

(4) S.M. Joshi

  1. While he was in Paris in 1907 ______ and his associates Hemchandra Das and Mirza Abbas learnt the latest technique of bomb manufacturing from a Russian revolutionary.

(1) Pandurang Mahadeo Bapat

(2) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

(3) Abasaheb Ramchandra

(4) Bhai Paramananda

  1. According to long term IMD (Indian Metecrological Department) data, mean number of hours of bright sunshine per day over Jalgaon, Solapur, Parbhani and Nagpur is ________.

(1) Less than 7.0 hours per day

(2) Between 7.1 to 8.3 hours per day

(3) Same over these cities

(4) More than 9.8 hours per day

  1. About natural boundaries of Maharashtra which one of the following pair is wrong?

(1) To the northeast (NE) – Darkesa hills

(2) To the northwest (NW) — Satmala, Galana and Akratu Us

(3) To the southwest (SW) — Terekhol River

(4) To the southeast (SE) — Gavilgad hills

  1. Over Maharashtra, the atmospheric pressure during January is uniform along the roast, over the rest of the state, pressure gradient is________

(1) West-East and is very weak

(2) South-North and is moderate to high

(3) South-North and is very high

(4) North-South and is very weak

  1. Which of the following important cities are located in the Tapi-Puma basin ?

(a) Amravati, Akola, Bhusawal

(b) Buldhana, Vardha, Jalgaon

(c) Dhule, Jalgaon

(d) Bhandara, Amravati, Dhule

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct ?

(1) (a) only

(2) (a) and (c) only

(3) (a), (b) and (d) only

(4) (b), (c) and (d) only

  1. In a country’s economic development, the role of economic factors is decisive. These factors are______.

(a) Capital formation

(b) Marketable Surplus of Agriculture

(c) Human resource

(d) Condition of foreign trade

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct ?

(1) (a) and (b) only

(2) (a) and (c) only

(3) (a) and (d) only

(4) (a), (b) and (d) only

  1. Though there has been decline in proportion of population below poverty line in India; still according to recent available data (2004-05), it is around :

(1) 28 percent

(2) 39 percent

(3) 49 percent

(4) 55 percent

  1. The Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana launched by the Ministry of Rural Development as a part of ____ aims to empower women in agriculture.

(1) Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana

(2) Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana

(3) Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Umat Krishi Shiksha Yojana

(4) Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana

  1. E-Commerce in agriculture refers to :

(1) buying and selling of goods and services through digital communication

(2) export of commodities

(3) trade of electronic goods

(4) none of the above

  1. Under Uruguay Round, all member nations of GATT participating in negotiations committed on :

(a) reduction in tariffs

(b) removal of quantitative restrictions

(c) opening of their economics to international competition

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct ?

(1) (a) and (b) only

(2) (b) and (c) only

(3) (a) and (c) only

(4) (a), (b) and (c)

  1. According to Indian State of Forest Report 2017, which state has the highest percentage of forest cover ?

(1) Madhya Pradesh

(2) Mizoram

(3) Lakshadweep

(4) Arunachal Pradesh

  1. In the year _____ Intensive Agril. District Programme was initiated in lndia through comprehensive Agril. Experiment.

(1) 1960

(2) 1971

(3) 1963

(4) 1969

  1. As far as exports of lndia are concerned, which of the following sector has maximum share of exports in recent years i.e. till 2011-12 in value term ?

(1) Agriculture and allied products

(2) Manufactured goods

(3) Ores and minerals

(4) Other products

  1. In order to control monopolistic and restrictive trade policies of large business houses, the Government of India adopted ‘Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Policies (MRTP) Act’ in ______.

(1) 1969

(2) 1991

(3) 1995

(4) 2003

  1. Maharashtra was one of the first states in India to enact its first Information Technology Policy released in the year ______.

(1) 1995

(2) 1998

(3) 2003

(4) 2007

  1. At International level, to obtain sustainabIe production from agriculture, which of the following organization is working ?

(1) UNO

(2) WHO

(3) IRRI

(4) FAO

  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an internet tooI. The FTP sites are often called as _______.

(1) channeIs

(2) archives

(3) groups

(4) domains

  1. Well known Economist Vu; Dr. V.M. Dandekar and Dr. Nilakantha Rath had defined poverty line where individual should get minimum of Calories of diet per day.

(1) 2250 Calories of diet

(2) 2650 Calories of diet

(3) 2850 Calories of diet

(4) 3000 Calories of diet

  1. Which of the following Water Pollution is most harmful to human beings ?

(a) due to excess use of fertilisers and pesticides in agriculture

(b) due to production and mixing of harmful micro-organisms in water

(c) due to leaving of industrial chemical waste By-products in river waters

(d) all of the above

Write the correct options :

(1) (a)

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) (b) and (c)

(4) (d)

  1. Gross National Product of India is measured in which of the following form?

(1) Physical terms

(2) Percentage terms

(3) Monetary terms

(4) All the above forms

  1. Rachel Carlson’s book ‘Silent Spring’ documented the adverse effects on the environment of the indiscriminate use of pesticides which led to a nationwide ban on _______ for agricultural uses.

(1) DDT

(2) Aldrin

(3) Sodium Methane Arsonate

(4) Ethylene Dibromide

  1. Krishomati Yojana is a new umbrella scheme in which the following schemes have been included ?

(a) Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Census and Statistics

(b) Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture

(c) Investment in Debentures of State Land Development Banks

(d) Jal Sinchan

(e) Price Stabilization Fund for Cereals and Vegetables.

Answer options :

(1) (a),(b), (c), (d)

(2) (b), (c), (d) , (e)

(3) (b), (d), (e)

(4) All the above

  1. In respect to animal feed, which is a feed energy ?

(1) Marine by-products

(2) Potato

(3) Oil Cakes

(4) Straw of rice

  1. On an average buffalo milk contain _____ water and _____ fat.

(1) 84.2% and 6.6%

(2) 84% and 4%

(3) 80% and 6.5%

(4) 88.4% and 4%

  1. Consider the following statements and state accordingly :

(a) There. is metamorphosis in fish.

(b) Flat fishes are not born flat.

Answer options :

(3) (a) is correct, (b) is not

(2) (b) is correct, (a) is not

(3) Both are correct

(4) Both are incorrect

  1. During 2011-12, percentage of wheat to rice production in India was _________ %.

(1) 75

(2) 80

(3) 85

(4) 90

  1. An area with a plant community predominantly of trees and other woody vegetation usually with a closed canopy is called as _______.

(1) Social forest

(2) Pasture

(3) Forest

(4) None of these

  1. Among the following which is not the variety of mandarin orange ?

(1) Nagpur Santra

(2) Khasi Santra

(3) Sathgudi Santra

(4) Coorg Santra

  1. Agroforestry programmes are promoted by ____ institute.

(1) IARI


(3) NDA


  1. _____ and ______ are richest source of Vitamin ‘C’.

(1) Guava and Grape

(2) Guava and Amla

(3) Amla and Litchi

(4) Amla and Orange

  1. The area near Maharashtra’s sea cost suitable for fishing is _____ lakh

(1) 0.90

(2) 1.12

(3) 1.86

(4) 2.0

  1. A _____ is a mature ovary.

(1) Flower

(2) Fruit

(3) Pollen

(4) pulp

  1. Which tree is not commonly used in ‘Taungya,’ cultivation?

(1) Teak

(2) Sal

(3) Eucalyptus

(4) Ashoka

  1. During 2012 – 13, the share of Agricultural Sector in total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was ______ %

(1) 13.4

(2) 13.6

(3) 13.8

(4) 14.0

  1. Scientific name of banana is _______ .

(I) Fyms malus

(2) Cocos nucifera

(3) Pyrus comunis

(4) Musa paradisiacal

  1. Breeding between half brother and sister is refered as :

(1) Hybrid

(2) Outbreeding

(3) Close breeding

(4) Line breeding

  1. _____ tree is used for timber, green manure and fire wood.

(1) Silver Oak

(2) Mulberry

(3) Karanj

(4) Jackfruit

  1. During 2004, Co-operatives banks and societies contributed ______ percentage share in total rural credit.

(1) 9

(2) 10

(3) 11

(4) 12

  1. Which is an excellent high proteinous (40% approximately) feed in ruminants ?

(1) Cotton Seed Cake

(2) Castor Cake

(3) Linseed Cake

(4) Mustard Cake

  1. ______ hybrid of cabbage is evolved by Mahyco seeds Co. PVT. LTD.

(1) Hari Rani

(2) Green Globe

(3) Sumati

(4) Sudha

  1. Which are the systems of animal breeding ?

(a) Inbreeding

(b) Onbreeding

(c) Offbreeding

(d) Outbreeding

Answer options :

(1) (a) only

(2) (a) and (b)

(3) (a) and (c)

(4) (a) and (d)

  1. Dropping of small fruitlets in large number both in Ambia and mrig bahar due to competition for moisture and nutrients is said to be :

(1) Post setting drop

(2) Summer drop

(3) Seasonal fruit drop

(4) Preharvest drop

  1. During 2011-12, wheat production in India was _______ .

(1) 87.9 m tonnes

(2) 90.9 m tonnes

(3) 93.9 m tonnes

(4) 96.9 m tones

  1. Consider the following two statements :

(a) A large number of bamboo grows outside of forest.

(b) It has been effectively used as wind break and shelter belts.

Select correct option from the following.

(1) (a) is correct, (b) is not

(2) (b) is correct, (a) is not

(3) Both are correct

(4) Both are wrong

  1. In which animal, artificial insemination is not done though it is possible ?

(1) Pig breeding

(2) Poultry breeding

(3) Goat breeding

(4) Sheep breeding

  1. In Maharashtra Scheme for development of fruit cultivation under EGS was started in which year ?

(1) 1985

(2) 1990

(3) 1995

(4) 2000