MPSC Engineering [Mechanical] Services, Gr-B– 2014-Paper-1- Question Paper

MPSC  Engineering [Mechanical] Services, Gr-B– 2014-Paper-1- Question Paper

  1. Identify the sentence punctuated correctly.

(1) The fair girl, in the car is my sister.

(2) The fair girl, in the car, is my sister.

(3) The fair girl – in the car is my sister.

(4) The fair girl, in the car, is, my sister.

  1. He is a very dry – person. Pick out the correct antonym to the underlined word in the context.

(1) Wet

(2) Lively

(3) Good

(4) Refined

  1. Identify the correct sentence:

(I) The village council was a very effective body in the past.

(II) The defence counsel wanted to cross-examine the witness.

(1) Only I is correct

(2) Only II is correct

(3) Both I and II are correct

(4) Both I and II are incorrect

  1. You ____ when you walk without any direction or aim. Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence.

(1) Stroll

(2) Stray

(3) Stalk

(4) Lurk

  1. Match the following:
  2. The study of sound I. Alchemy
  3. The art of flight II. Aesthetics
  4. The philosophy of fine arts III. Acoustics
  5. Chemistry in ancient times IV. Aeronautics

            A      B     C     D

(1)    III    II      I     IV

(2)    III                    I      IV    II

(3)    III    IV    II      I

(4)     II    III     IV    I

  1. Pick out the correct alternative that rearranges the following words ABCDE to form a meaningful sentence:
  2. which
  3. he thinks
  4. has a story
  5. everyone
  6. can be a great film





  1. What is meant by ‘arsenal’?

(1) A person with an evil reputation

(2) A person’s peculiar habit

(3) A place where weapons and ammunition are stored

(4) A position for which no salary is paid

  1. The security was very tight, ______ the terrorists found a gap in it. Select the correct alternative to complete the sentence.

(1) But

(2) And

(3) Or

(4) Otherwise

  1. He takes a nourishing diet to recuperate from illness quickly. Identify the type of sentence.

(1) Complex

(2) Compound

(3) Simple

(4) Complex compound

  1. Identify the sentence which follows the correct word order.

(1) He went back home happily.

(2) He happily went back home,

(3) He went back happily home.

(4) He went happily back home.

  1. She said “I am cutting the vegetables.

“To convert the sentence into reported speech, choose the correct alternative.

(1) She said that I am cutting the vegetables.

(2) She said that I was cutting the vegetables.

(3) She says that she was cutting the vegetables.

(4) She said that she was cutting the vegetables.

  1. We eat that we may live. Pick out the correct meaning of the underlined modal.

(1) Possibility

(2) Purpose

(3) Permission

(4) Probability

  1. It’s up to you to make the next decision or step. Choose the correct alternative idiom to match the meaning in the given sentence.

(1) Actions speak louder than words

(2) Best of both worlds

(3) Ball is in your court

(4) Taste of your own medicine

  1. Avoid making joke of peopleNo error.

         A                  B                       C                D

Pick out the correct alternative that suggests the error part in the sentence.

(1) A

(2) B

(3) C

(4) D

  1. Do not play foul or you may regret your actions later. Identify the part of speech of the underlined word.

(1) Verb

(2) Noun

(3) Adjective

(4) Adverb

  1. We should give a wide berth to bad characters. Identify the correct meaning of the idiom underlined.

(1) Keep away from

(2) Publicly condemn

(3) Give publicity to

(4) Not sympathies with

  1. He is always picking holes in every subject. Identify the correct meaning of the phrase underlined.

(1) Creating problems in

(2) Finding fault with

(3) Asking irrelevant questions

(4) Suggesting improvement in

  1. One cannot make anything out of Sohan’s attitude as he is such a queer fish. Pick out the correct meaning of the underlined part.

(1) A funny person

(2) A strange person

(3) A sensitive person

(4) A quarrelsome person

  1. The rich industrialist will go to the dogs because of his son’s bad habits. Identify the correct meaning of the underlined part.

(1) To be ruined

(3) To defend

(2) To be decorated

(4) To look sad

  1. The country is always betrayed by the snake in the grass. Identify the correct meaning of the underlined part.

(1) A secret enemy

(2) An ambitious person

(3) Dominant people

(4) Crooked people

(For Questions 21 to 25)

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Because goldfish can be kept easily in small ponds and aquariums, they make good pets, but like many other pets, they must have proper care and the right kind of place to live.

A two-inch fish requires a minimum of two gallons of water containing sufficient oxygen to support life. Some oxygen will make its way into the water of an aquarium from the air that touches the surface. Plants in an aquarium also help to furnish oxygen. Snails help to keep an aquarium clean. Thus, with plenty of plants and snails, the water in an aquarium does not have to be changed frequently. A large lake may prove to be a quite unsuitable abode for goldfish.

It is important that goldfish should not be overfed. They can be fed such things as dried insects in addition to commercially-prepared goldfish food, but they should never be fed more than once a day. Even then, they should not be given more food than can be consumed in about five minutes. This ensures prolonged life.

  1. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) Goldfish should be given food only once a day

(b) Snails eat up the goldfish in an aquarium.

(c) Plants provide food to the snails.

(d) A large lake is an ideal place for goldfish.

(1) Both (a) and (b) are true

(2) Both (c) and (dl are true

(3) Only (a) is true

(4) Only (dl is true

  1. Which of the following statements is not true?

(1) Snails make aquarium clean by eating up goldfish.

(2) Goldfish can be made good pets.

(3) Plants in an aquarium provide oxygen to goldfish.

(4) Goldfish must never be given too much food

  1. Which of the following helps supply goldfish with oxygen?

(1) Snails

(2) Plants

(3) Dried insects

(4) Surface of water

  1. Water in an aquarium needs to be changed if _____

(1) There are plenty of snails and plants in it

(2) There is not sufficient oxygen in it

(3) It is very clean and contains sufficient oxygen

(4) It does not contain goldfish food and dried insects

  1. What is important to remember when feeding goldfish?

(1) They should be fed more than once a day.

(2) They should be fed at five minute intervals.

(3) They should be fed with plants and snails.

(4) They should be fed only once a day.

  1. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.) used in house as a fuel consists of

(1) Butane and Isobutane

(2) Methane and Ethane

(3) Methane and Butane

(4) Only Methane

  1. _______ is used as a rocket fuel.

(1) C.N.G.

(2) L.P.G.

(3) Hydrogen

(4) Petrol

  1. Which of the following materials is used for filament in an electric bulb?

(1) Copper

(2) Aluminium

(3) Nichrome

(4) Tungsten

  1. For an object released from some height

(1) The mechanical energy goes on increasing till the object reaches the ground.

(2) Potential energy is maximum when it reaches the ground.

(3) The kinetic energy goes on decreasing.

(4) The sum of the change in kinetic energy and the change in potential energy is zero.

  1. The scientific study of travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere is called

(1) Astronomy

(2) Astrology

(3) Astronautics

(4) Astrophysics

  1. Which one of the following is not a part of the Sun’s structure?

(1) Photosphere

(2) Chromosphere

(3) Ionosphere

(4) Corona

  1. Milky Way is ______.

(1) A planet of our solar system

(2) A sun

(3) One of the solar galaxies of the universe

(4) One of the solar systems

  1. In the vulcanization of rubber, the element used is

(1) Si

(2) S

(3) Fe

(4) C

  1. The earliest known pesticide is

(1) Permethrin

(2) D.D.T.

(3) Nicotine

(4) Zeatin

  1. The most important cardiac stimulant is

(1) Digoxin

(2) Cimetidine

(3) Paracetamol

(4) Penicillin

  1. The number of chemical elements that exist naturally is

(1) 92

(2) 94

(3) 96

(4) 102

  1. L-dopa is a drug that is used to treat

(1) T.B.

(2) Cancer

(3) Parkinson’s disease

(4) Malaria

  1. An isobaric process occurs at

(1) Constant temperature

(2) Constant pressure

(3) Constant volume

(4) Changing pressure

  1. Second Law of Thermodynamics is about

(1) Temperature

(2) Pressure

(3) Entropy

(4) Enthalpy

  1. Radiocarbon dating is used to find the age of

(1) Buildings

(2) Fossils

(3) Rocks

(4) Babies

  1. Chocolates can be bad for health because of high content of

(1) Cobalt

(2) Nickel

(3) Zinc

(4) Lead

  1. Which country is called the Sugar bowl of the world?

(1) Cuba

(2) India

(3) Argentina

(4) U.S.A

  1. Turpentine is obtained from

(1) Crude Petroleum

(2) Deodar

(3) Pine

(4) Oak

  1. The most important stimulant in tea leaves is

(1) Brucine

(2) Caffeine

(3) Phenylalanine

(4) Theine

  1. What is used to scan an unborn baby in the mother’s womb?

(1) X-rays

(2) Gamma rays

(3) Ultrasonic Sound waves

(4) Microwaves

  1. An object on the Earth has weight 9.80 Newton. Then what will be its mass on the Moon?

(1) 10kg

(2) 1 kg

(3) 1.63 Newton

(4) None of the above

  1. The world’s largest solar steam system was inaugurated in 2009 at

(1) Tirupati

(2) Amritsar

(3) Varanasi

(4) Shirdi

  1. Galeras volcano, which erupted in 2009, is located in

(1) Colombia

(2) Cambodia

(3) Cameroon

(4) Comoros

  1. Sir Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his theory/explanation of

(1) Special theory of relativity

(2) Brownian motion

(3) Origin of lasers

(4) Photo-electric effect

  1. RUSA stands for

(1) Rajkiya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan

(2) Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan

(3) Rashtriya Urban Shiksha Abhiyan

(4) Rashtriya Union Seva Abhiyan

  1. Consider the following statements:

(A) ‘My Brief History’ is the autobiography of Stephen Hawking.

(B) Hawking was born on 8 Jan. 1953.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (B)

(3) (A) and (B)

(4) None of these

  1. Name the only woman Chief Election Commissioner of India, who died on April 17, 2013.

(1) Fathima Beevi

(2) Leela Seth

(3) V.S. Ramadevi

(4) None of these

  1. Consider the following statements:

(A) Susieben Shah is the Chairman of Maharashtra State Women’s Commission.

(B) 8 March is celebrated as Women’s Day.

Which of the above statement (s) is/are correct?

(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (B)

(3) (A) and (B)

(4) None of these

  1. Which is the world’s largest gold producing country?

(1) China

(2) Kuwait

(3) India

(4) Saudi Arabia

  1. How many US dollars were offered by Facebook to purchase the Whatsapp Messaging App?

(1) 10 billion

(2) 14 billion

(3) 19 billion

(4) 29 billion

  1. The technique of inducing rain from clouds is called as

(1) Cloud Computing

(2) Cloud Control

(3) Cloud Engineering

(4) Cloud Seeding

  1. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(A) Agni II – Medium Range Missile

(B) Nag – Anti Tank Missile

(C) Sagrika – Supersonic Cruise Missile

(D) Prithvi I – Short Range Missile


(1) (A) and (C)

(2) (A) and (B)

(3) Only (C)

(4) Only (A)

  1. Which of the following Indian Private Sector Banks has set up its first branch in China?

(1) HDFC Bank

(2) ICICI Bank

(3) Cosmos Bank

(4) Axis Bank

  1. Consider the following statements about Terry Walsh:

(A) He has been appointed as a Coach of Indian Hockey Team.

(B) He was the Coach of Hockey Team of England.

(C) He is ‘Master Coach’ of International Hockey Federation.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (C)

(3) (A) and (B)

(4) (A) and (C)

  1. The application of mathematical and statistical methods to the study of biology is called

(1) Botany

(2) Biometry

(3) Biophysics

(4) Biotechnique

  1. In which of the following jails was Afzal Guru hanged till death for attacking the Indian Parliament?

(1) Yerwada Jail

(2) Central Jail

(3) Tihar Jail

(4) Cellular Jail

  1. In which of the Indian cities was the first electric zero emission bus introduced?

(1) Chennai

(2) Bangalore

(3) Delhi

(4) Mumbai

  1. In India, Solar Energy is the biggest non-conventional source of energy because we receive abundant sunshine for about ____ days every year.

(1) 100 to 150

(2) 150 to 200

(3) 200 to 250

(4) 250 to 300

  1. In 2013, Indian Government has approved the proposal of providing loans to women Self Help Groups (SHG’s) at a lower interest rate of _____ to eradicate poverty through Women Empowerment.

(1) 7%

(2) 9%

(3) 11%

(4) 4%

  1. Who was the president of Nil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan held in 2014 at Saswad ?

(1) F.M. Shinde

(2) Uttam Kamble

(3) Vasant Abaji Dahake

(4) Nagnath Kottapalle

  1. Which one of the following pairs is incorrect with reference to Gyanpith awards ?

(A) V.S. Khandekar – Novel

(B) V.V. Shirwadkar – Drama

(C) ManikGodghate – Essay

(D) G.V. Karandikar – Poetry

(1) (A) and (C)

(2) (C) and (D)

(3) Only (C)

(4) Only (D)

  1. The distance of the star Alpha Centauri from the Earth is

(1) the same as that of the Sun from the Earth

(2) shorter than that of the Sun from the Earth

(3) greater than that of the Sun from the Earth

(4) varies continuously with time

  1. Which of the following is the second longest river in India ?

(1) Ganga

(2) Godavari

(3) Narmada

(4) Yamuna