MPSC Dental Surgeon – General State Service- Group-B Syllabus PDF & Exam Pattern 2022

MPSC Dental Surgeon, General State Service, Group-B – Syllabus PDF & Exam Pattern

MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022 → MPSC Dental Surgeon – General State Service- Group-B Syllabus PDF & Exam Pattern → Candidates who are planning to sit in MPSC Dental Surgeon Exam hall may be searching MPSC General State Service Dental Surgeon Syllabus. So, today we are deal with MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus with Dental Surgeon Exam Pattern to achieve good marks in the exam.

Updated MPSC Dental Surgeon new syllabus PDF downloads in here. Candidates can also download the MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022 in PDF or Word format through online mode from official site.

Dear Job Seekers, are you applying for MPSC Dental Surgeon Jobs and waiting for the exam? Then this page would be a treat for you. Yes, the Maharashtra Government provides an infinite number of job openings under MPSC. To grab your dream job by MPSC Exam, aspirants must clear the written exam conducted by MPSC. To provide the best assistance related to MPSC Dental Surgeon Exam Syllabus, We have curated our page with the latest MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus PDF & Dental Surgeon Exam Pattern.

महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग डेंटल सर्जन परीक्षेची तयारी करताना परीक्षेचे टप्पे, परीक्षेचा अभ्यासक्रम, पुस्तकांची यादी इत्यादी माहिती असणे आवश्यक आहे. म्हणूनच आम्ही तुमच्यासाठी एमपीएससी ट्रान्सलेटरचा अभ्यासक्रम PDF स्वरूपात घेऊन आलो आहोत. या लेखात एमपीएससी ट्रान्सलेटरचा अभ्यासक्रम उपलब्ध आहे. महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग डेंटल सर्जन विषयनिहाय अभ्यासक्रम, तपशीलवार गुण, परीक्षेचा कालावधी याबद्दल अधिक माहितीसाठी खाली दिलेला आहे.

MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus 2022

MPSC Dental Surgeon Exam consists of various sections. Mention on this posts-

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology, Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Medicine and Surgery as applied to dentistry

1.1) Anatomy Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

i) Muscles of mastication
ii) T.M.J.
iii) Tongue and Oral mucosa
iv) Salivary Glands
v) Dental Morphology

1.2) Physiology & Biochemistry Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

i) Blood
ii) Bone
iii) Functions of Saliva

1.3) Pathology and Microbiology – Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

i) Inflammations and Infections
ii) Neoplasias
iii) Degeneration
iv) Sterilization procedures, aseptic techniques & disinfections
v) Pathogenic organisms of common occurrence.

1.4) Pharmacology – Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

i) Anaesthetics
ii) Analgesics
iii) Antibiotics
iv) Pharmacotherapy of common oral conditions

1.5) Medical emergencies in dental practice

1.6) Various aspects of Surgical Principles as related to Orodental diseases

Conservative dentistry and Endodontics Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

2.1) Dental Caries
2.2) Principles of Cavity preparation
2.3) Tooth Vitality tests
2.4) Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
2.5) Restorative dentistry
2.6) Endodontics – various endodontic procedures including emergency procedures
2.7) Pulpal and Periapical diseases and their management
2.8) Dental Materials

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

3.1) Infection control and cross-infection control
3.2) Asepsis
3.3) Anesthetic Considerations
3.4) Exodontia – instruments, procedures & complications
3.5) General considerations of traumatic injuries of the Jaws
3.6) Surgical Management of common oral conditions such as cysts, tumours, infections

Oral Medicine & Radiology Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

4.1) Importance of medical history
4.2) Premalignant lesions, conditions & oral malignancies
4.3) Common oral ulcerative lesions
4.4) Radiographic techniques & interpretations & RVG

Orthodontics Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

5.1) General principles of orthodontic treatment
5.2) Materials used in the construction of various orthodontic appliances
5.3) Removable appliances.

Pediatric & Preventive dentistry Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

6.1) Behaviour Management & various preventive treatment modalities in a child patient
6.2) Dental care of children with special needs
6.3) Dental emergencies in children and their management.
6.4) Special emphasis on Pit & fissure sealants & fluorides

Periodontology Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

Various Gingival & Periodontal diseases & their etiology & management.

Prosthodontics Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

8.1) Diagnosis, Indications, Fabrication, Delivery & post operative follow up in Partial Denture, Complete Denture & fixed prosthesis patients.

8.2) Dental Materials 

Public Health Dentistry Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

9.1) General Epidemiology
9.2) Environmental health with emphasis on waste disposal
9.3) Health educations aids
9.4) Survey procedures
9.5) Various Community related services
9.6) Practice management & maintenance of records, dead stock, accounts and audit.

Oral Implantology Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

A brief introduction to various implant systems in practice

Aesthetic Dentistry Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

11.1) Bleaching of teeth
11.2) Veneers with various materials
11.3) Ceramics

Forensic Odontology Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

Examination of dental evidence with proper evaluation & presentation of dental findings

Ethics Syllabus for MPSC Dental Surgeon

3.1) WHO declarations and DCI code of ethics
13.2) Local Governing bodies

Recent Advances in Dentistry

MPSC Dental Surgeon Exam Pattern 2022

The examination for MPSC Dental Surgeon will have different section. There are in total 200 marks in exam paper. Candidates are given Particular time to solve the exam paper.

Download MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus & Exam Pattern PDF 2022

Direct link to download Official MPSC Dental Surgeon exam Syllabus 2022 and Dental Surgeon Exam Pattern. Candidates are advised that, don’t forget to check MPSC Dental Surgeon Syllabus at least once before the examination.

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