MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr A – Paper II – 2010 Question Paper

MPSC Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr A – Paper II – 2010 Question Paper


(i) Question No. 1 is compulsory.

(ii) Answer any eight from the remaining questions.

(iii) Question No. 1 carries 20 marks and remaining questions carry 10 marks each.

(iv) Number of optional questions up to the prescribed number in the order in which question have been solved, will only be assessed and excess answers of the questions will not be assessed.

(v) “Other than cited cases, candidate should write roll number, any names (including their own), signature, address or any indication of their identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he will be penalized”.

  1. Write essay on any of the following (Recent development in Criminal Law):

(1) Laws relating to protection of wildlife.

(2) Law relating to child and child labour.

(3) Law relating to cyber crime.

  1. Write short notes on I.P. Code:

(a) Robbery

(b) General Exceptions

  1. What is the difference between section 34 and section 109 of Indian Penal Code?
  2. What is ‘Criminal breach of trust’ and ‘Cheating;? Explain with illustrations.
  1. Write short notes on Minor Acts, answer any five:

(a) Driving dangerously.

(b) Manner of collection and forwarding of blood sample.

(c) Corrective Institutions.

(d) Forfeiture of property under S.C. and S.T (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

(e) Object of The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act.

(f) Arms and Firearms

  1. Definitions on Minor Acts (any five):

(a) Intoxicant

(b) Prostitution

(c) Uncured trophy

(d) Forest produce

(e) Dancing school

(f) Child

  1. (a) What procedure is to be followed by Food Inspector while taking sample?

(b) When seizure of property is liable to confiscation and forfeiture under Indian Forest Act?

  1. Give reasons any five:

(a) Place of amusement is not place of entertainment.

(b) The driver of motor vehicle may pass to the left of a vehicle.

(c) Police Inspector cannot investigate a crime under S.C. and S.T. (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

(d) Police Officer may arrest without warrant of arrest from a Magistrate, under Bombay Police Act.

(e) Prosecution under sections 117, 119, 131, 134, 137, 139, 140, of B.P Act are in the discretion

(f) Person can be punished for abetment under Motor Vehicle Act.

  1. (a) Whether offences under The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Technical Act are cognizable?

(b) What is difference between section 66 (1) (b) and section 85 of Bombay Prohibition Act?

  1. Explain Restriction on felling of trees and liability for planning and preserving of trees under Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act.
  2. Define ‘Atrocity’. Explain, Duty of Public Servant and negligence in duty under S.C. and S.T. (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.
  3. What is ‘Gaming’? Distinguish ‘Common Gaming House’ and ‘Gaming in Public Place’ and ‘Gaming in Common Gaming House’.