Maharashtra Public Service Commission Motor Vehicle Inspector Main and Preliminary exam syllabus

Maharashtra Public Service Commission Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector Main and Preliminary Exam Syllabus


Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (Preliminary) Competitive Exam

Exam type: –    Preliminary Exam- 200

Main Exam -300


Exam Plan:-

No of Paper -1   



  • Normal study and General
  • Intelligent test


  • S.C


  • Marathi, English

Total Question

  • 100


  • 1 hour

Type of Question

  • Objective, Multi Choice

Total Mark        

  • 100




  • Normal Study: Current affairs, Normal Science, History, Geography.
  • Engineering related current affairs
  • General Intelligent.



Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (Main) Competitive Exam

No of Paper: 1


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • And
  • Automobile Engineering


Graduate level



No of question





1.30 hour

Type of Question

Multiple choices


  • Mechanical and Automobile Engineering:

No of question– 120

               Total Marks-240


Syllabus types:

  • Strength of Materials
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Automobile Engines
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Theory of Machines


Strength of Materials:- Stress and strain, strain energy, shearing force and bending moment, moment of inertia, Principal planes and stresses, slope and deflection. Direct and bending stresses, Columns, Torsion and thin cylinders.

Mechanical Technology:- Engineering materials, Non chip forming processes, chip Forming process : Turning, Drilling, Milling, Boring, Broaching, Finishing and super finishing, Gear production as well as NC-CNC and non conventional machining methods.

Hydraulics:- Fluids and their properties, Laminar and turbulent flow, Bernoulli’s Equation, Fluid pressure, Pascal’s Law, Surface tension, fluid flow and its measurement.


  • Automobile Engineering:-

Total question-30

Total Number-60


        Type of syllabus:-

        Transport management:- Elements of transport and its operations, Motor Vehicle Act, Taxation, Insurance.

Vehicle Maintenance:- Performance of vehicles, engine electrical and electronics, workshop layout, repairing and

Servicing, Emission measurements and control techniques.

Automobile System: – Vehicle layout, Transmission system, breaking systems, ABS, Steering and suspension system,

Chassis Frame and Body engineering.


  • Mechanical Engineering:- (30 Question. & 60 Marks)
  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
  3. Hydraulic Machinery.