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Lokrajya Magazine is a popular and well-known magazine in Maharashtra state. The government of Maharashtra has published ‘Lokrajya’ magazine. Most people from Maharashtra read this magazine on a regular basis. Lokrajya magazine provides information on a variety of topics and is very useful. Lokrajya magazine was published in March 1947. Moreover, the magazine has been a vocal witness to the state of Maharashtra. The public of Maharashtra has been reading this magazine for 72 years. The Maharashtra government published a magazine called Lokrajya to spread knowledge about state culture. Lokrajya magazine reaches a wide audience in India.

Lokrajya magazine is the mouthpiece of the Maharashtra government that communicates with the public of Maharashtra state through Lokrajya magazine. Lokrajya is now available for everyone in both the online and offline markets. Also, the Lokrajya magazines are accessible in many languages such as Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, and English. For decades this magazine has been the most successful part of Maharashtra. Also, you can download Lokrajya magazine in Marathi and English online. The Lokrajya magazine download is in hand for free of cost. People such as MPSC candidates, servants of the Maharashtra government, tribal students, various workers, Zillah panchayat workers, Gram panchayat workers, UPSC candidates, school students, schools of villages, and financially poor students are the readers of Lokrajya magazine. This magazine has a long history of huge success. All the most important current affairs and information on different areas in detail are included in the Lokrajya. Lokrajya also provides us with the knowledge of the development and progress of the Maharashtra state. Detailed information from state to country level is being provided to the people of Maharashtra.

Lokrajya magazine portrays the beautiful image of Maharashtra to many people from other states or countries. The magazine is famous among the general public due to its useful information. People have gained trust in magazines thanks to the information they provide. Furthermore, the ‘Maharashtra ahead’ magazine is a copy of Marathi Lokrajya magazine that has been published for many years. Maharashtra ahead is a magazine published continuously in the English language. Search for Maharashtra ahead to download the English Lokrajya magazine if you are looking for an English Lokrajya magazine. Many people use the Urdu language across the state. Hence, Lokrajya magazine, or لوک راجیہ magazine has been published in the Urdu language since the year 1974. After this, research was conducted on the language. As a result, the researchers concluded that many people from Mumbai and other places speak and read the Hindi language. So for them, the Hindi Lokrajya magazine has been published in 1976. During that time, the number of Maharashtrian readers increased day by day along with other readers. So, the Maharashtrian ‘Lokrajya’ magazine or ‘लोकराज्य (मराठी) magazine has been published in the same year of the Hindi magazine. That’s why this magazine ranks at the top when it comes to sales.

Additionally, the Audit Bureau of Securitization gives the official seal to the Lokrajya magazine. Students preparing for MPSC and UPSC will benefit greatly from this magazine, which provides information about many competitive exams. The Lokrajya magazine of the Maharashtra government is a valuable resource for those preparing for the MPSC. Here, the latest developments in the various fields are provided to readers and MPSC students. The latest government schemes and government programs have been discussed for MPSC aspirants or students. In the online market, Lokrajya magazines are offered on a monthly basis. While preparing for the MPSC, a strong knowledge of current affairs is required to pass the exam. In the various competitive exams conducted by MPSC, general knowledge is an integral part of the exam. If a candidate has the most comprehensive knowledge of these two subjects, they can easily crack the exam. All the information related to the current affairs and general knowledge of Maharashtra state has been published on a monthly basis. The previous year-wise magazines are available for free here. Students can download the previous year’s Lokrajya magazine to study current affairs. The Lokrajya magazine also gives an update on various policies of the Maharashtra government. Before appearing for the MPSC exam, you must read these Lokrajya magazines to gain proper knowledge of Maharashtra state.

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