Chemistry Study Material बिभाग ‘ङ’

Chemistry Study Material बिभाग ‘ङ’ Shared By Shridab Khan

Chemistry Study Material बिभाग ‘ङ’ on This is the page where we are deal with Chemistry Study Material For Maharashtra Recruitment Exam. Every questions come from various source i.e. Matter and its Nature; Kinetic Theory of Matter; Chemical Reactions and the chemical Equations; Structure of the Atom; Periodic Table of Elements; Chemical Bonding; Oxidation and Reduction; Oxygen ans Air; Hydrogen and Water; Carbon and its Compounds; Nitrogen and its Compound;Acids; Bases and Salts; Occurrence of Metals; Petroleum and Natural Gas; Iron and steel; Environmental Chemistry and Pollution;Food Chemistry; Biochemistry and Life Processes; Polymers and platics; Electrochemistry; Dyes; Biotechnology; International Symbols for Units; Carbohydrates; Proteins and Nucleic Acids; Nucleoproteins and Nucleic Acids; Fats; Important Laws Governing Gases; Liquids and Solutions; Bioterrorism; Important Topics and Concepts Etc. यह पेज ओह सब स्टूडेंट के लिए है, जो नौकरी की तलाश में हैं और भारती परिक्षा दिने के लिए इच्छुक हैं। is totally mobile friendly site. So subscribe Us and get important updates alert in just a second. There is no need to pay any of money to us for subscribe. If you found any of error please contact us.

Chemistry Study Material बिभाग ‘ङ’


    (a) an analgesic

(b) an antipyretic

(c) Both analgesic and antipyretic

(d) a hypnotic

Ans:- (c) Both analgesic and antipyretic

  1. Matchstick’s black material is mainly made up of

(a) yellow phosphorus

(b) black phosphorus

(c) Charcoal

(d) Coke

Ans:- (a) yellow phosphorus

  1. Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is a/an

(a) Fertilizer

(b) Explosive

(c) Insecticide

(d) Fungicide

Ans:- (b) Explosive

  1. The substance(s)/material(s) used as water softener is/are

(a) Zeolites

(b) quartz

(c) Asbestos

(d) Gypsum

Ans:- (a) Zeolites

  1. Table sugar is

(a) Glucose

(b) Sucrose

(c) Maltose

(d) Lactose

Ans:- (b) Sucrose

  1. The species that will not give positive test for CN ions is

(a) NaCN

(b) Ca(CN)2        

(c) CH3CN

(d) [Fe(H2O)4 CI2]CN

ANs:- (c) CH3CN

  1. First synthetically prepared organic compound was
    (D) UREA
    Ans:- (D) UREA
    8. Insulin, a hormone is chemically a

(a) fat

(b) Steroid

(c)  Protein

(d) Carbohydrate

Ans:- (c)  Protein

  1. Blister copper is

(a) an ore of copper

(b) impure copper

(c) impure copper

(d) An alloy of copper

Ans:- (c) impure copper

  1. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of

(a) Calcium

(b) iron

(c) phosphorus

(d) iodine

Ans:- (d) iodine

  1. In Which of the following pairs, first species is smaller than the second?

(a) N, O

(b) CI, CI

(c) Fe3+, Fe2

(d) Sn2+ , Sn4+

Ans:- (c) Fe3+, Fe2

  1. In the orbital arrangement 1s2 2s1 2px1 2py1, the rule violated is the

(a) Pauli exclusion principle

(b) Hands Rule

(c) Aufbau principle

(d) Heisenberg principle

Ans:- (c) Aufbau principle

  1. The IUPAC name of acetone is

(a) Ethanone

(b) Propanone

(c) butanone

(d) Methanone

Ans:- (b) Propanone

  1. A. Sugar chars on heating.
  2. On heating, Sugar loses water.

(a) Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A.

(b) Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A.

(c) A is true but R is incorrect.

(d) A is false but R is true

Ans:- (a) Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A.

  1. The chemical used as a chemical weapon in the First World War is

(a) Carbon monoxide

(b) Hydrogen cyanide

(c) Mustard gas

(d) Water gas

Ans:- (c) Mustard gas

  1. Catenation is the process of

(a) formation of cations

(b) Deposition of cations

(c) Formation of long chains of identical atoms

(d) Formation of covalent bonds

Ans:- (c) Formation of long chains of identical atoms

  1. An example of a natural dye is

(a) phenolphthalein

(b) martius yellow

(c) Alizarin

(d) Malachite green

Ans:- (c) Alizarin

  1. Enzymes in living systems

(a) Provide energy

(b) Provide immunity

(c) Transport oxygen

(d) Catalyze biological reactions

(a) 1, 2, and 3 are correct

(b) 2 and 3 are correct

(c)  1 and 4 are correct

(d) 3 and 4 are correct

Ans:- (d) 3 and 4 are correct

  1. The material that is not a macromolecule is

(a) DNA

(b) Starch

(c) Palmitate

(d) Insulin

Ans:- (c) Palmitate

  1. Soap forms a colloidal solution in water and removes the greasy matter by

(a) absorption

(b) emulsification

(c) electrolysis

(d) electrophoresis

Ans:- (b) emulsification

  1. Size of nanoparticles is in the range of

(a) 10-9 m

(b) 10-9 cm

(c) 10-19 cm

(d) 1019 cm

Ans:- (a) 10-9 m

  1. The phenomenon in which gel contracts is called

(a) suspension

(b) syneresis

(c) weeping

(d) stenosis

(a) 1 and 2 are correct

(b) 2 and 3 are correct

(c) 3 and 4 are correct

(d) only 3 is correct

Ans:- (b) 2 and 3 are correct

  1. A colloidal sol is a

(a) true solution

(b) suspension

(c) heterogeneous sol

(d) homorogeneous sol

Ans:- (c) heterogeneous sol

  1. Fog is an example of a colloidal system of

(a) liquid dispersed in gas

(b) gas dispersed in gas

(c) Solid dispersed in gas

(d) Solid dispersed in liquid

Ans:- (a) liquid dispersed in gas

  1. The method usually employed for destruction of a colloidal solution, is

(a) addition of electrolytes

(b) Diffusion through animal membrane

(c) Condensation

(d) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A

(c) A is true but R is false

(d) A is false but R is false

Ans:- (d) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A

  1. Example of a Lewis acid is

(a) NaOH

(b) A1A13

(c) K2CO3

(d) KOH

Ans:- (b) A1A13

  1. An example of an alkaloid is

(a) isomagnolol

(b) Psoralen

(c) magnolo

(d) Papaverine

Ans:- (d) Papaverine

  1. Cocaine is isolated from

(a) opium

(b) Cocoa

(c) Rauwalfia

(d) Piper

Ans:- (b) Cocoa

  1. The term “Cynogensis” describes the release of

(a)  hydrogen cyanide (HCN)

(b) hydrogen acid (HCI)

(c) Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

(d) Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Ans:- (a)  hydrogen cyanide (HCN)

30.Serpasil is obtained from the

(a) Plant Rauwalfia serpentine

(b) Cinchona tree

(c) Extracts of tobacco leaf

(d) Extrects of ginger root

Ans:- (a) Plant Rauwalfia serpentine

  1. Electroplating may be carried for

(a) Preservation

(b) Decoration

(a) Only (i) is true

(b) Both are true

(c) Only (ii) is true

(d) None of the above is true

Ans:- (b) Both are true

  1. Interferon is

(a) An antibacterial drug

(b) An anticancer agent

(c) an antiviral agent

(d) a hormone

Ans:- (c) an antiviral agent

  1. Glycogen is often known as

(a) animal starch

(b) A hormone

(c) alginic acid

(d) cellulose

Ans:- (a) animal starch

  1. “LSD” stands for

(a) Lysergic acid diethylamide

(b) lithium-sodium devices

(c) lanthanide series diatoms

(d) low starch drugs

Ans:- (a) Lysergic acid diethylamide

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