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Beed GK Current Affairs 2019 Beed History | Beed Geography | Beed Science | Beed Polity | Beed Economy | Beed Law etc.

Beed GK Current Affairs on mahasarkar.co.in. This is the page where we are deal with Beed’s Current General Knowledge. Every questions come from various source i.e. Beed’s Current Affairs, Beed’s Polity, Beed’s Economy, Beed’s Award and Winners, Beed’s Constitution, Beed’s Law. This page is essential for everyone from 10 age to 60 age. Candidates who are preparing himself for Central Sarkari Naukri as well any of State Government Recruitment Exam, Entrance Exam they can follow this page.

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District Beed
State Maharashtra
PIN code(s) 431 122
Area 8.29 km2 (3.20 sq mi)
Official Language Marathi
External Link Wikipedia Details

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Beed GK & Current Affairs for January 2019

1. Which city is a city in central region of Maharashtra state in India?

Ans. Beed.

2. When Beed city was Founded?

Ans: 13th century CE (Possibly).

3. Total Population of Beed?

Ans: 146,709.

4. Tell the percentage of Literacy on Beed, Maharashtra?

Ans: 88.56%.

5. Whare Beed city is situated?

Ans: Deccan Plateau.

6. Tell the name of one of the largest Masjids of Beed city?

Ans: Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque).

7. Who is the founder of Beed City?

Ans: Yadav’s from Devgiri.

8. On which date Kankaleshwar temple was built?

Ans: 12th/13th century (possibly).

9. Who was constructed Jama Masjid?

Ans: Jān Sipār Khan.

10. When was Eid Gāh (place of Eid prayer) built?

Ans: 1702.

11. When Jivanji Ratanji became the first collector of Beed as the feudatory system was abolished by Nizams?

Ans: 1865.

12. When Beed district was formally settled?

Ans: 1883.

13. When Beed Nagar Pālika was established?

Ans: 1952.

14. When First mobile phone service started in the Beed city?

Ans: 2004.

15.What is the short name of Beed District?

Ans- BI.

16. Name the Zilla Parishad President?

Ans. Mrs. Savita Golhar.

17.How many Sub-divisions has Bid?

Ans: – Ambejogai, Ashti, Bid, Dharur, Georai, Kaij, Manjlegaon, Parli, Patoda, Shirur (Kasar), Wadwani

18.How many villages has Ambejogai?

Ans:- 96

19.How many villages  has Ashti?

Ans:- 177

20.How many Villages has Bid?

Ans:- 206

21.How many Villages has Dharur?

Ans:- 38

22.How many Villages has Georai?

Ans:- 192

23.How many villages has Kaij?

Ans:- 128

24.How many villages has Manjlegaon?

Ans:- 121

25.How many villages has Parli?

Ans:- 105

26.How mnay Villages has Patoda?

Ans:- 105

27.How many villages has Shirur (kasar)

Ans:- 94

28.How many villages has Wadwani?

Ans:- 92

29. In Which District A N M School of Nursing is Located

Ans:- Beed

30. In Which District A N M Training Institute is Located

Ans:- Beed

31. In which District Adarsh Polytechnic college is Located

Ans:- Kada, Asthi, Beed District

32.In which District Adarsh Shikahan Sansthas College of Education for Women college is Located

Ans:- Beed

33.In which District Aditya basic B.sc Nursing College is Located

Ans:- Beed

34.In which District Aditya Dental College is Located

Ans:- Beed

35.In which District ADITYA EDUCATION TRUST College is Located

Ans:- Beed

36.In which District Aditya Engineering College is Located

Ans:- Beed

37.In which District Aditya polytechnic college is Located

Ans:- Sarda Estate Telgaon Road, Beed (Dist)

38.In which District Akashya college of Nursing is Located

Ans:- Beed

At present, how many districts are there in Mahrashtra?

Ans:- 36

Maharashtra Legislative Assembly consists of

Ans:- 289 members

The recorded forest area in Maharashtra is—

Ans:- 61,579 km2

How many Lok Sabha Constituencies are there in Maharashtra?

Ans:- 48

How many districts constitute proposed VIdarbha state?

Ans:-  11

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