Animal Husbandary Syllabus

Animal Husbandary Syllabus for Maharashtra Recruitment Exam:

  • Economically important species of Livestock & poultry in India
  • Various Indigenous breeds of Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Pigs, Horses &
  • Poultry birds in India & in Maharashtra
  • Livestock Husbandry Practices in Maharashtra
  • Livestock &. Poultry breeding including Cross breeding, Artificial
  • Insemination, handling of frozen semen etc.
  • Devices used for Identification of Animals, Importance of record keeping
  • Livestock and poultry management
  • Animal nutrition:
  • Fodder & feeds for livestock & poultry
  • Common dieses of Livestock & Poultry in Maharashtra
  • Important statistics of livestock & poultry in Maharashtra
  • Importance of livestock in agricultural economy.

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