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District Akola
State Maharashtra
Current Mayor Vijay Agrawal
Current Municipal commissioner Ajay Lahane
PIN code(s) 444xxx
Area code(s) 124 km2 (48 sq mi)
Official Language Marathi
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Akola GK & Current Affairs for February 2020

1.Where Akola district located?

Ans: Amravati Division.

2.How much area in Akola city?

Ans: 5,431 square km.

3.What type of region in Akola city?

Ans: Visarbha.

4.Who is the mayor of Akola city?

Ans: Vijay Agarwal.

5.Who is the Municipal Commissioner?

Ans: Ajay Lahane.

6.What is the Language use in Akola city?

Ans: Marathi.

7.Akola is bordered by whisch hills?

Ans: Melghat Hills.

8.What is the name of the Agriculture university in Akola city?

Ans: Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth (PDKV).

9.What is the Government Medical College in Akola city?

Ans: Government Medical College.

10.What is the high school in Akola City?

Ans: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education..

11.Who provides the electric supply to Akola city?

Ans: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MAHAVITARAN).

12.What is the STD code in Akola City?

Ans: 0724.

13.What is the domestic airport of Akola city?

Ans: Akola Airport (also known as Shivani Airport).

14.What is the vehicle registration code?

Ans: MH-30.

15.What is the public transport service in Akola city?

Ans: Akola Municipal Transport (AMT).

16.What is the temple located near Collector office in Akola city?

Ans: Shri Rani Sati Dham is a Devi (Mata) temple.

17.What Akola’s oldest Shiva temple?

Ans: Rajeshwar Mandir.

18.Ashok Vatika is an important religious place for Whome?

Ans: Buddhist and Dalit people.

19.Akola city is divided how much electoral wards?

Ans: 80.

20.What is major centre for advanced medical treatments?

Ans: Akola.

21.What is the short name of Akola District?

Ans- AK.

23.When Akola district was divided into two?
Ans- July 1, 1998

24.Where the Akola District headquaters situated?
Ans- Akola

25.The Akola city is situated in the bank og the which Rever?
Ans- River Morna.

26.Akola is well known for which production?
Ans- Cotton.

27.From which division Akola District belongs?
Ans- Amravati Division.

28. What is the Popuation of Akola?
Ans- 537,149 (2011)

29. Who is the District Collector of Akola?

Ans. Mr. Atik Kumar Pandey.

31. What is the Pin code of Apoti Sub Division?

Ans:– 444003

32. What is the Pin code of Umari Sub Division?

Ans:- 444005

33. What is the Pin code of Agra Sub Division?

Ans:- 444006

34. What is the Pin code of Borgaon Manju Sub Division?

Ans:- 444102

35. What bis the Pin code of Midc Shivar Sub Division?

Ans:- 444104

36. What is the Pin code of Dahihanda Sub Division?

Ans:- 444111

37. What is the Pin code of Borgaon Khurd Sub Division?

Ans:- 444407

38. What is the Pin Code of Akola Sub Division?

Ans:- 444001

39. What is the Pin code of Akola City Sub Division?

Ans:- 444002

40. What is the Pin code of Shivaji Park Akola Sub Division?

Ans:- 444003

41. What is the Pin Code of Gandhinagar(Akola) Sub Division?

Ans:- 444004

42.What is the Pin code of jatherpeth Akola Sub Division?

Ans:– 444005

43. What is the Pin code of  Tajanapeth Akola Sub Division?

Ans:- 444006

44. What is the Pin code of  Krishinagar Akola Sub Division?

Ans:- 444104

45. What is the Pin code of Akot kut Sub Division?

Ans:- 444101

46. What is the Pin code of  Keliveli Sub Division?

Ans:- 444111

47. What is the Pin code of  Mundgaon Sub Division?

Ans:- 444117

48. What is The Pin code of Adgaon khurd Sub Division?

Ans:- 444126

49.What is the Pin code of  Vidyutnagar paras Sub Division?

Ans:- 444109

50. What is the Pin code of  Balapur Sub Division?

Ans:- 444302

51. What is the Pin code of  Nimba Sub Division?

Ans:- 444311

52. What is the Pin code of Vadegaon Sub Division?

Ans:- 444502

53. What is the Pin code of  ghota Sub Division?

Ans:- 444107

54. What is the Pin code of  Barshitakli Sub Division?

Ans:- 444401

55. What is the Pin code of  Mahan Sub Division?

Ans:- 444405

56. What is the Pin code Of  Pinjar Sub Division?

Ans:- 444407

57.What is the Pin code of Mana Sub Division?

Ans:- 444106

58. what is the Pin code of Murtizapur Sub Division?

Ans:- 444107

59. What is the Pin code of Shelubazar Sub Division?

Ans:- 444402

50. What is the Pin code Of Patur Sub Division?

Ans:- 444501

51. What is the Pin code of Charangaon Sub Division?

Ans:- 444511

52. What is the Pin code of Hiverkhed Ruprao Sub Division?

Ans:- 444103

53. What is the Pin Code of Telhara Sub Division?

Ans:- 444108

54. What is the Pin code of Pathadi Sub Division?

Ans:- 444117

55. What is the Pin code of Adgaon Bk Sub Division?

Ans:- 444126

57. How many Sub-divisions has Akola?

Ans: – Akola, Akot, Balapur, Barshitakli, Murtijapur, patur, Telhara

58. How many villages has Akola?

Ans:- 176 village

59. How many villages has Akot?

Ans:-  148

60. How many villages has balapur?

Ans:- 87

61. How many villages has Barshitakli?

Ans:- 126

62. How many villages has Murtijapur?

Ans:- 149

63. How many villages has patur?

Ans:- 83

64. How many villages has Telhara?

Ans:- 93

65.Which old forts are located in Akola District?
Ans: Narnala Fort, Akola Fort & Balapur Fort.

66. Which Rivers are Flows over Akola District?
Ans: Uma River, Katepurna River, Shahanur River, Morna River, Mun River, Mas River, Utawali River, Vishwamitri River, Nirguna River, Gandhari River, Aas River, Vaan River.

67.Name the Taluka’s of Akola District?
Ans: Akola District consists of talukas namely Akot, Telhara, Akola, Balapur, Patur, Barshitakli and Murtajapur.

68.In which District Akola Law college is Located

Ans:- Akola

In which year, Maharashtra came into existence?

Ans:-  1960

In which year, Shivaji was crowned as Chhatrapati?

Ans:- 1674

Who started Peshwa Dynasty?

Ans:- Balaji Vishwanath

Shivaji was died in the year—

Ans:- 1680

Nanasaheb Peswa was also known as—

Ans:-Balaji Bajirao

Which of the following was the last Peshwa?

Ans:- Second Bajirao

Aurangabad is named after which Mughul Emperor?

Ans:-   Aurangazeb